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Zensation CBD Oils: Premium Whole Hemp Plant Nootropic CBD Oils?



Zensation CBD Oils: Premium Whole Hemp Plant Nootropic CBD Oils?

Nootropic supplements are a safe way to give the brain a boost it needs to focus better, improve memory retention, and increase general cognition. For the last five years, interest in these brain-boosting remedies has grown, offering more benefits than just a cup of coffee with more safety than taking Adderall. Still, these supplements are not flawless, and Zensation decided to take this remedy and improve upon it with their own options.

What Is Zensation?

Zensation is a company that offers the unique benefit of combining nootropic supplements and CBD oils into a single product together with many different options. Only available to anyone over age 21, new customers on the Zensation website get a chance to “spin” a virtual wheel to get exclusive discounts, which can include free products or even 50% off a purchase.

What Does Zensation Offer?

The Zensation brand focuses on offering natural relief in their nootropic supplements, but state that “it’s not enough” to only offer this benefit. Instead, they’ve focused their energy on bringing more to customers, leading them to create formulas that are part nootropic and part CBD.

Legally, because there is still a lot of debate over the actual benefits of taking a CBD oil, the company cannot actually state what Zensation nootropic CBD oils can do. Still, their website casually states that they “legally … wouldn’t tell you that after taking this we’re pretty sure it’s what gave that buff dude Clark his powers.” Clearly, the statements are meant in jest, but their message is clear – the formulas are meant to help consumers be better.

Along with the CBD, consumers will get the nootropic benefits from the use of L-theanine, rhodiola extract, panax ginseng, caffeine, and coconut oil. L-theanine has been linked to improved mental focus and is often found in black or green tea. Rhodiola, while it improves brain function, also helps with fatigue, stress relief, and sometimes depression. Panax ginseng is a powerful and potent antioxidant, linked mostly with the relief of inflammation. However, some studies suggest it could also help with brain function, tiredness, and balancing blood sugar.

Between the brain-boosting power of the nootropic ingredients and the inherent stress relief that CBD may provide, users are left with a feeling of being focused, in control, and completely at ease.

Zensation Lineup Available Products

Rather than just developing one blend of the CBD oil with nootropic benefits, the Zensation company is all about creating options. While every single one of their oils offers 1500 ml per 30-serving bottle, they have named their CBD oils after fairly popular and beloved cannabis strains. At $59.99 each, and the ingredients for each flavor and options include:

  • Fruity Pebbles with a Terpene Blend,  Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract (1500mg), L-Theanine, Rhodiola Extract, Panax ginseng, Caffeine, Naturally sweetened fractionated coconut oil, MCT,  Whole-plant Hemp,  Proprietary Nootropic Blend.
  • Pineapple Express with MCT, Naturally sweetened fractionated coconut oil, Rhodiola Extract (3% Salidroside), Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract (1500mg) , Terpene Blend (330mg), L-Theanine, Panax ginseng, Caffeine, Proprietary Nootropic Blend and Whole-plant Hemp CBD Extract.
  • Girl Scout Cookies with a Rhodiola Extract (3% Salidroside), Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract (1500mg), Proprietary Nootropic Blend and Whole-plant Hemp CBD Extract and MCT, Caffeine, Terpene Blend (330mg), L-Theanine, Panax ginseng, Caffeine, Naturally sweetened fractionated coconut oil, Natural flavors.
  • Gelato with  Naturally sweetened fractionated coconut oil,  Terpene Blend (330mg), Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract (1500mg), , L-Theanine, Rhodiola Extract (3% Salidroside), Panax ginseng, Caffeine, Whole-plant Hemp CBD Extract and a Proprietary Nootropic Blend.

Don’t be mistaken – all of the oils are made exclusively with hemp. However, by using the remedies, consumers are still able to get the relief that CBD can provide. The Zensation website offers Lab reports on all of their products and can be viewed for each product here:

Along with the main CBD oils that the company offers, consumers that want a bolder flavor might be interested in the Cherry Drops Gummies. With 20mg of CBD in each gummy, consumers can buy a jar for $29.97 to last them through the entire month. Though this formula doesn’t offer nootropic benefits, it contains pure hemp oil extract for the soothing benefits that CBD can provide.

FAQs: What Else Do Consumers Need to Know About Zensation?

With such an innovative line of products, potential customers might want to learn more about Zensation and their CBD oil before they include it in their shopping cart. Let’s address some of the questions that consumers may have to provide further clarity.

Q: Do the Zensation products contain any THC?

A: All of the extracts are sourced from hemp. Zensation follows the federal restrictions that hemp contain less than 0.3% THC in its extracts, which means consumers may find trace amounts of THC. The amount will not be enough to fail any drug tests, and it will not have the potency to create a “high” feeling without significantly increasing the dose.

Q: Where does Zensation source their CBD from?

A: All of the CBD found in the Zensation products come from hemp plants grown in Colorado, from Zensation's farms and using the stem of the hemp plant, and are full-spectrum and organically grown. Every extract is the result of CO2 extraction and purification for full-spectrum CBD.

Q: The website says it can’t make claims about what CBD does, but what does research show?

A: According to WebMD, CBD’s primary use is as a seizure disorder, likely referring to the FDA-approved Epidiolex. However, as a therapeutic remedy, it has been used for anxiety, pain, dystonia, and many other medical concerns. At this point, scientific evidence has not adequately proven these benefits, but users of CBD have vouched for them.

Q: Are there any side effects to using CBD?

A: While Zensation doesn’t specifically state any side effects, WebMD states that some potential side effects of CBD use include dry mouth, feeling lightheaded, feeling drowsy, and low blood pressure. Though not quite as common, liver injury has been reported by a few users.

Q: What is Zensation’s refund policy?

A: If unopened, consumers can send back the product within 7 days of receipt, but they must first speak with the customer service team at: to request a return shipping address. The company also does not have a money back guarantee as all CBD products affect users differently. The cost of shipping/returning the product is deducted from the refunded money paid by the consumer.

Zensation CBD Oils Summary

Zensation does more than just offer their products to consumers. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has made it possible for customers to donate a PPE surgical mask and a $10 gift card to healthcare workers and first responders. With this type of charitable effort, consumers can give themselves a soothing remedy while being a part of the gratitude that everyone needs to show to these hardworking employees across the country.

To learn more information directly from the source, either call 877-223-7494 or send an email to:

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