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The Marshmallowist Limited Edition Cannabis CBD-Infused Marshmallows



The Marshmallowist Limited Edition Cannabis CBD-Infused Marshmallows

Limited Edition Cannabis Marshmallows are a 3.75cm treat that consumers can add to a multitude of recipes to get the benefits of cannabis in any snack. The product is only sold in Europe and some nearby areas, as it has not been approved for sale in the United States yet. It is available for purchase through the official website.

What are Limited Edition Cannabis Marshmallows?

Cannabis-infused treats are popping up everywhere lately, as consumers seek out new ways to get the effects that the natural extract has to offer, but without directly consuming a tincture. Most companies sell gummies as a sweet alternative, but other companies want to go a little outside the box. That is where the Marshmallowist comes in with Limited Edition Cannabis Marshmallows.

Each of the marshmallows measure 3.75cm, which is smaller than the company used to make them, because the previous size was overwhelming as a one-bite treat. They contain a simple lineup of ingredients, like fruit, sugar, organic spices and herbs, and obviously cannabis. The company is working to develop a vegetarian version but has yet to capture the same texture without the use of fish gelatin to set it.

Consumers will find that these products are infused with 1000mg full plant CBD oil, rather than THC. Essentially, this means that consumers won’t have the psychoactive effect that THC provides, but it may help with the relaxation and the stress relief that CBD affords. The effects settle in from the moment they are eaten, featuring at least three drops of CBD, which was developed with nanotechnology for a therapeutic effect that is easy for the body to absorb.

The website shows reviews from multiple publications, like how Stylist called their flavor “the millennial version of After Eights,” or how The Daily Mail called them “truly delicious.”

Purchasing Limited Edition Cannabis Marshmallows

Presently, the Limited-Edition Cannabis Marshmallows are available on the official website for £15.00. When placing an order, consumers will also be responsible for a £2.99 delivery charge, which will give the user Royal Mail First Class post. The shipping time could take up to three days, though this snack has yet to reach the United States.

Contacting the Creator: The Marshmallowist

Considering how enticing these marshmallows are, consumers may still want to know more about their order or even just the other options consumers have on the website. To reach out to customer service, send an email to

CBD-Infused Marshmallows Summary

There is plenty to be said about the unconventional and interesting way that Limited Edition Cannabis Marshmallows provides consumers with CBD. The relaxing effect is only made better with the indulgence they offer in multiple flavors, like Toasted Coconut, Blueberry + Gin, and Passionfruit + Ginger, all for the same price.

Consumers should keep these marshmallows in a cool and dark place, not exceeding 21 degrees Celsius, to maintain optimum freshness. These marshmallows have a two-month shelf life.

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