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OKI Active Hemp Oil Drinks: Healthy Hemp Beverages, Fruit Waters, Iced Teas And Tinctures



OKI Active Hemp Oil Drinks

About OKI

The OKI brand was created with the aim of restoring balance to the life of people, and improving focus on their days. The sleek name and logo were inspired by a little island off Japan’s coast; where there is an archaeological site that shows signs of hemp plant cultivation in 8000 BC.

All OKI products are infused with active hemp extract. They are specially crafted to give full hemp benefits, part of them being relaxation, enhancing strength, offering calm, and focus that people need to tackle their day head-on. OKI products are also meant to help users recover well from workouts, fell positive and enthused. OKI strives to continually innovate products that not only enhance the user’s mood but also give them lasting happiness and energy.

OKI sells its products in recyclable bottles with a crisp modern look, easy to distinguish. Not only do these bottles give the user an executive feel, but also are they well designed and portable to carry along easily and offer a hemp dose on the go. All OKI hemp products have all-natural flavors with subtle tastes and bold names on bottles for easy identification.

OKI Active Hemp Oil Capsules

Like other OKI health supplements, OKI active hemp oil capsules extracts play a role in making the user calm, centered, and ready for the day ahead of him or her. These capsules are made of all natural extract, and are sold in three strengths:

OKI Everyday Capsules

OKI Everyday is a convenient way of administering hemp on the go. Each capsule contains 10mg hemp oil extract, an amount enough to offer intended energy levels, improve moods, and relieve slight pains, inflammation, and calm stress. This has the lowest hemp concentration of all OKI’s capsules

OKI Enhanced Capsules

Featuring 20mg hemp oil extract per capsule, Enhanced is an upgrade of Everyday capsules. This product can be used to calm more disturbing pains, mood imbalances, low energy levels, appetite loss, lack of creativity, and sleeping difficulties.

OKI Supreme Capsules

With each Supreme capsule containing 30mg hemp oil, users can take one to calm more severe symptoms of chronic conditions like arthritis and cancer. It holds the highest hemp amounts of all OKI tablets and is an ideal option for people looking for higher hemp doses.

OKI Active Hemp Oil Tinctures

Oki sells non-GMO vegan, and ready to use tinctures in three concentrations. All these are well packed in 30ml bottles, and come with a dropper for easy administration. They are meant for everyday use and can be used alongside other medications for better results since they have no side effects.

600mg OKI Active Hemp Oil Tincture

Coming with 600mg hemp oil extract, this 30ml offers a 30-day serving, supposing the user takes 1ml a day. The hemp oil tincture is free of THC, and users can hence enjoy the benefits of hemp oil without feeling intoxicated, or even failing a cannabis drug test. This product is good for people staring up to use hemp or those who do not need high hemp oil concentrations.

1200MG OKI Active hemp Oil Tincture

This offers twice hemp oil concentration as the 600mg tincture, and can hence solve more severe symptoms, and offer better relief and relaxation. The recommended dose is ½ to a full dropper. The oil can be added to a beverage or food. However, the most efficient intake method is placing the oil drops under the tongue for half a minute for sublingual absorption.

1800MG OKI Active Hemp Oil Tincture

Being an upgrade of other OKI tinctures, this product carries 1800mg hemp oil extract in a 30 ml bottle. It is hence good for persons in need of higher hemp oil concentrations, or more severe symptoms from chronic ailments. It offers high energy levels, lasting relaxation and energy levels.

OKI Active Hemp Oil Beverages

Active Hemp Water

Infused with 10mg active hemp oil, this water can be taken on the go to offer a restorative and refreshing feel. This water is sold in a range of natural and uplifting flavors to give the user enough strength for the day. It also works well when used after a workout in order to revive lost energies. If you are looking for a drink to make you more creative, OKI Active hemp water might suit you as part of its purpose is this. It restores the user’s calm, cool, and solves sleeping difficulties.

10mg Full spectrum Hemp is added to this water, and since full spectrum hemp is an excellent source of terpenes and phytocannabinoids, OKI hemp water gives all-in-one natural health and dietary remedy.

Available flavors are Cranberry Revive, cucumber mint refresh, watermelon renew, and natural.

OKI Active Hemp Iced Tea

Oki iced teas come in mint relax, honey tranquil, raspberry serene, and lemon ginger harmony flavors. These teas are meant to boost the user's spirit and have 10mg hemp oil extracts with vital fatty acids, phytonutrients, and terpenes for general body wellness.

OKI Active Hemp Oil Conclusion

While we cannot find any of OKI’S products lab test details, we believe they are well formulated and safe to use. There is no much information on shipping, sales, and offers on their website, but you can directly contact the company on contacts given. We found the products incredibly crafted, and hence recommend them to anyone looking for hemp water, iced tea, capsules, and oils to trust.

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