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Sparking a Light on 7 New CBD Products; Gummies, Drops, Pain Cream, Pills, Gel, Beard Care and Eye Balm



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The hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) products are so widely categorized, and that alone poses a number of challenges to the retailers who are trying to venture into this market. One of the challenges that face those who want to venture into this profitable and highly attractive business category is knowing the options that are available. This category has been daily overflowed with new manufacturers and products.

CBD/Hemp Products

Here are some of the latest introductions from both the newcomers and the mainstays of the category that is all over the spectrum of cannabidiol or hemp.

The Green Gorilla Gummies

This product is not a new entrant to the cannabidiol market space, but the company has shifted its primary focus on product innovation with the latest launch of the Hemp CBD Gorilla Gummies. At the moment, Green Gorilla Gummies is found at 1,400 retail outlets that are found all across the country. The Hemp CBD Gorilla Gummies is packaged and sold in 60-count bottles that contain 300 milligrams of the cannabidiol. The Gummies have been made available in Ultra Wellness Berry Medley that comes with three main flavors. The flavors include mixed berry, strawberry, and the manufacturer’s proprietary Gorilla Berry flavor.

According to the company’s COO, Steve De Forest, this fantastic product has been in development since the previous summer. He went ahead to note that much of the product was focused on ensuring that a high number of customers could enjoy the product as possible. The gummies that come with 95% of organic ingredients are entirely vegan. They have been formulated with a mixture of tapioca and fruit pectin, non-GMO as well as kosher.

De Forest stated that he intends to ensure that the product exceeds as many quality standards as possible. He has also pointed out that the product has been designed to be used as a daily supplement, with each of the bottle lasting for nearly a month. De Forest refers to this as a health-and-wellness maintenance product and should just be consumed the same way one would take fish oil. The product can be used on a daily basis for general homeostasis as well as the balance in the body. The next run of the product would be designed to feature a gorilla-shaped gummy. De Forest said the product would have a suggested retail price of around $59.99.

BeTru Organics Beverage Drops

With the popularity that can just be compared to tinctures, these products do not provide the most versatile or tasty system of sublingual cannabidiol delivery. As a way of offering a remedy to this, BeTru Wellness opted to create it’s a series of Phytonutrient Beverage Drops. They have been made in three high formulations. The formulations include natural citrus-flavored energy, mixed berry-flavored Dream, and the blueberry acai-flavored Focus. The products have been created to enable the consumers to infuse any kind of beverage with a cannabidiol formulation for their own desires.

According to the president and founder of BeTru Wellness, Julie Wilson, the product comes with a two-year shelf life, and there is no need for refrigerating them. This is very convenient since people have these great powerful formulations that they can easily carry with them. Julie went ahead to explain that it is possible to turn the bottle of water to a favorite juice into a great formulation. They can be used for a number of purposes such as energy, focus, and sleep. She also noted that a number of consumers prefer to get all the three main purposes at once.

There is a variety of beverage drop, and each comes with a suggested retail price of $29.99. They have been created with ingredients that will help with all the needs of the customers. Dream contains tryptophan and valerian root, while Focus, on the other hand, contains GABA, which is an amino acid. Energy, on the other hand, comes with a naturally derived taurine and caffeine. The cannabidiol has also been specially derived from being entirely free of THC.

That is, according to Brad Halpern, the chief marketing officer of the company. Halpern also stated that the proprietary extraction method is used to ensure that there are no solvents. Based on the extraction, whether it is butane or CO2, most of the processes normally use solvents. However, Halpern has stated that their process does not use solvents, and the end products are the third party tested by two various places. The tests discovered that there were no THC and heavy metals in the products. It will also not show up on any kind of drug test, even the trace amounts.

Green Roads Muscle & Joint Heat Relief

One of the major categories upon which companies have built out the category of cannabidiol is the relief of external pain. Despite the fact that the Green Roads comes in with a catalog that operates the gamut all the way from the terpenes and tinctures to pet products and edibles, the latest launch of the company appears to be focused on a different thing. Its main focus is in getting rid of physical pain that comes with stiff muscles and joints, and not forgetting the cramps and bruises.

This product is basically a roll-on that tends to include its cannabidiol formulation with such products as vitamin E, capsicum, menthol as well as natural botanicals. All these components assist in bringing targeted relief for the achy spots of the user.

The roll-on, which is pharmacist-formulated contains 250 milligrams of CBD that assist in fighting inflammation.

It also comes with an upgraded heating technology that assists in soothing soreness. The product goes for a suggested retail price of $59.99.

Functional Remedies Hemp Oil Capsules

Firms that are in the process of making the benefits of hemp more universally available are also trying to offer this in a form that is so familiar. The full spectrum hemp oil capsules by Functional Remedies have just entered the market to offer consumers the best of the hemp-formulated products. They have been packaged in both 10 and 25- milligram strength. The product also includes the lipid-infused, full-spectrum, and single-origin hemp oil, which the company’s proprietary.

Tim Gordon, who is the chief science officer of Functional Remedies has highlighted why his firm opted to focus on applying the full-hemp extract to provide an optimal range of phytonutrients to the endocannabinoid system of the human body.

In a simple manner, the chief science officer has stated that the body needs more than just the cannabidiol alone. They also require a whole spectrum hemp oil to fight the deficiency of endocannabinoid and bring balance to the peoples' lives. This is also a way of moving them closer to the eternal quest for total wellness.

The capsuled have been packaged in 30-count bottles and can be ordered on the main website of Functional Remedies. From the website, one can obtain them at a one-time purchase price of $79.99, or through a subscription that will lower the price by nearly 10%.

Scotch Porter’s Limited-eDition CBD Beard Care Collection

Just as the cannabidiol gains more popularity in the market, manufacturing firms just realize that it is possible to use the products as just more than a tincture, supplement, or salve. Those who want to groom themselves can also use it. That was the great inspiration behind the creation of Scotch Porter’s Limited-eDition CBD Beard Care Collection. This is a line of CBD beard products that have just been launched in the market recently.

Initially, the launch had been done on Cyber Monday in 2018 and revived on the 20th of April with a Brooklyn pop-up shop. The 4-SKU line has been designed to include a leave-in beard conditioner, beard wash, beard serum, and beard balm.

According to Calvin Qualis, who is the founder, his primary focus is on applying botanical-based and non-toxic ingredients to create the best. He started the company just from a barbershop after leaving a corporate job that he had been working on. The company has been able to expand with time and now makes facial care, skin care, and personal care products. However, beard and hair care appear to be the main focus of the firm.

Harmony Hemp’s NeuroComfort Relief Gel

Harmony Hemp is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Recently, it launched a series of products that are guided by its main motto of “Treat your system, not your symptoms.” The relief of pain, for instance, is an area where the firm has identified an opportunity to provide an adjunct or opportunity to prescription medication. According to the founder of the company, Courtney Roundy, the hemp products that contain cannabidiol offer a more holistic, traditional approach when it comes to treating a number of common health problems.

The company’s founder stated that treating the endocannabinoid system with the CBD tends to create homeostasis to people, and has been discovered to be a natural and promising way of treating a number of common problems.

The NeoroComfort Relief Gel by Harmony Hemp focuses on assisting those with pain by bringing the properties of CBD in a gel formulation that has been designed in two main strengths. The first one is available in 500 mg, while the other one is available in 1000 milligram of the CBD.

Further to that, the product has also been formulated with capsaicin, arnica, and menthol for effective neuropathic relief. The 500-miligram products go for $34.95, while the 1000-miligrams one goes for $54.95.

The product was awarded the DSN and ECRM Buyers’ Choice Award in February at one of the most coveted health and beauty award show.

Apart from the relief gel, the company also offers a roll-on and lotion that has been packed in both 500-mg and 1000-miligram packages.

Cannuka CBD Calming Eye Balm

Creating a product that has a single on-trend ingredient would soon suffice. Cannuka has surfaced as one of the companies that use the two hot ingredients, manuka honey, and CBD, to offer the best. It does all these in the beauty category, which has been so slow when it comes to CBD uptake.

The CBD Calming Eye Balm by Cannuka is among the series of bath and skin products that brings together both manuka honey and CBD to come up with a hydrating balm that is meant for moisturizing, refreshing and protecting the under-eye skin. The balm will begin to cool to the touch and gets warm on contract to assist in softening the skin and lowering fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness.

It has also been designed with vitamin E, rosehip oil, hemp seed oil, as well as free fatty acids. The product goes for $38.

The company behind this product has stated that its products are cruelty-free certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – PETA, and have also been made using natural ingredients.

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