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Functional Remedies: Phytonutrient-Rich Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Products



functional remedies cbd products

There are many factors that consumers have to typically bear in mind before choosing a CBD brand. For instance, there’s quality testing. This is important because it defines the solution within a bottle of oil, not to forget the detection for herbicides, pesticides and metals among other harmful components.

Then there’s transparency and education. Oftentimes, businesses flourish into existence to simply take in profits from a novice industry. If a firm fails to educate consumers of their business practices and procedures, especially with respect to CBD – a compound that still has some gray area attached – then considering such firms becomes pointless.

That said, Functional Remedies appears to be like no other. In addition to the aforementioned two, this respective brand has been a leader in a number of other factors. On a mission to bring lives into balance on a global scale, let’s take a closer look at how Functional Remedies achieve this.

What is Functional Remedies?

Functional Remedies is deemed a brand that continues to produce the only hand-pressed, lipid-infused hemp oils derived from their very own proprietary whole-plant. With the use of chemical extraction processes, the firm prides itself in creating the greatest possible “Entourage Effect” (I.e. bringing together different cannabis’ cannabinoids).

Functional Remedies makes tinctures, capsules, and salves with hemp strains crossbred for over 25 years. They fully take charge of the entire process from hand cultivation to refinement in the laboratory for guaranteed consistency. All their products are third-party lab tested for quality and potency.

This company produces full-spectrum hemp oil. Agricultural hemp contains more than 100 distinct phytocannabinoids and phytonutrients. Some of these are phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. These compounds work together in synergy in the user’s body delivering an entourage effect. Hence, full-spectrum oil fosters enhanced therapeutic benefits that CBD isolate oils lack.

Functional Remedies uses a seed-to-bottle Control model to ensure full control of the whole process from seed to bottle. They do this to get high-quality oil from a single origin. They have their own farms where the cultivate hemp by hand and claim to use sustainable methods and lab processes. This sets Functional Remedies apart from a number of CBD companies that use low-grade industrial hemp from Canada, China, and Europe that is in most cases full of impurities like toxic heavy metals, and low of phytocompounds.

From production to product testing, Functional Remedies has garnered the attentions of many (in a positive way of course). Let’s see how their overall approach has been reflected in the products offered.

Functional Remedies Products

When making their products, Functional Remedies use a proprietary lipid infusion process to preserve natural cellular bonds while delivering a whole-plant entourage effect for superior efficacy. This is unlike the CO2 extraction process used by many hemp companies. While CO2 is also effective, it uses too many chemical solvents and pressure that tends to fracture cells. This, in some way, diminishes hemp’s phytonutrient content. Lipid infusion generates a high full spectrum oil quality and 4 times phytonutrients than other methods.

Functional Remedies Hemp Oil Tinctures

Functional Remedies use the hemp plant to infuse MCT oil so that it can be fully absorbed into the body. Their tinctures are meant to promote immediate mind and body balance and can be added to a beverage, or taken orally. Functional Remedy tinctures are good at relieving pain, anxiety, and stress. They are also meant to enhance the user’s sleep, appetite, and concentration in daily tasks

Functional Remedy Hemp Tinctures are packaged into 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg strengths. The 250mg tincture has 40 droppers per bottle. Each dropper is approximately 75 ml and contains 6.25 Hemp phytonutrients. This tincture costs $37.99. Selling at $64.99, the 500mg tincture has 40 75ml drippers per bottle, with each dripper containing 12.5mg hemp phytonutrients. The 1000mg tincture has 40 75ml droppers, each with 25mg hemp phytonutrients and goes at $99.99.

ENDOSPORT Hemp Capsules

ENDOSPORT Hemp Capsules are easy to swallow and are ideal for daily routines to enable the body to regulate and maintain balance, thus giving optimal results. These capsules are available in 10mg, and 25mg strength, and go for $44.99 and $99.99 respectively. Each of these bottles has 30 capsules. Meant for stress, pain, anxiety, and seizure relief, these capsules are also good at enhancing sleep, appetite, and improving the user’s concentration.


Selling at $59.99, ENDOSPORT salve is good for sports enthusiasts. It forms a good way for incorporating whole-plant hemp oil into skincare regimes and speeding up recovery. Functional remedies combine certified organic coconut oil infused in hemp with certified organic beeswax, complementary certified organic oil, black pepper, and Vitamin E to create a highly effective and soothing topical. This product has 500mg hemp phytonutrients in every ½ oz. twist tube. The hemp salve is applied to the intended skin area to relax muscles, reduce pain, and give a refreshing feel.

Functional Remedies Return Policy

Functional Remedies has a policy that enables customers to get a refund if they return unused product amounts within 60 days of purchase. In this case, the customer is responsible for shipping costs and once the refund is accepted, the customers get money back through their original method of payment, or to their credit card. They also replace damaged or defected items.

Functional Remedies Summary

Besides the different lines of products offered, there are a number of reasons why consumers may choose to go with Functional Remedies. First comes their proprietary lipid infusion process. This ensures that the plant’s cellular bonds are preserved and results in a complete, full spectrum solution. The team supposed stirred away from CO2 extraction, an industry standard, because it uses high pressure, which rids the phytonutrient content.

Next, rather than retorting to isolates, Functional Remedies relies on full spectrum, which they deem combines different cannabinoids that help to create a balance by enhancing the therapeutic benefits.

Another reason is that the firm is vertically integrated, that is, it owns every step of the supply chain, from seed-to-bottle. This ensures quality doesn’t fall short, and if it ever does, tracing back to the root cause becomes a simple task.

Then there’s the firm’s purity tests conducted to ensure products are free from pesticides and harmful metals.

Finally, but most importantly, the brand is founded under its Chief Science Officer, Tim Gordon who currently serves as the Board of President for the Colorado Hemp Association, an advisor to the National Hemp Association and works alongside the government on all matters “hemp legalization” to name a few.

All reasons combined, show the brand’s yearn to make a difference, clearly outweighing profit-making. To find out more about Functional Remedies’ contribution to hemp legalization and others, go here:

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