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saviaLAB: SaviaCBD, MelatonCBD, TurmeriCBD and SaviaCBD Balm



SaviaLAB became a reality when its co-founder, Matt Castellon was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Having tried different treatments only to see them fail, left the co-founder in distress. It was his wife who recommended the likes of CBD, curcumin and other natural ingredients, which seemed to work in his favor.

Together with Ian Wolff, the duo created saviaLAB, which has been prided as helping the lives of millions by simply retorting to the combination of development and production of the finest plants and advanced technology.

To see how saviaLAB’s approach has fulfilled their mission in endorsing wellness achieved by nature’s best, here’s an overview of the essentials currently offered.

What Has saviaLAB Made Available to Consumers?

Currently, consumers can choose between four different CBD-infused products, all tending to different health-related concerns. The following will break down each product in relation to the intentions behind them along with the chosen ingredients.

saviaCBD (25 mg) |CALM ($79)

The saviaCBD’s aim is to induce a sense of calmness in consumers. Available in 10 or 25mg of CBD per serving, the source of hemp used here (like all other products) entails a full spectrum source. While CBD is the star, it isn’t the only contributor to calmness, as other phytocannabinoids and terpenes have been deemed as making a difference as well.

melatonCBD (25 mg) | NIGHT ($89)

The melatonCBD was designed to ensure that consumers attain restful sleep. In addition to the use of CBD, 1 gram of melatonin per dose has also been included. Melatonin is naturally secreted in the pineal gland within the body. It is responsible for advising the body of when to wake up and sleep. Some natural foods that carry melatonin include grapes, cherries and teas (i.e. chamomile) among others.

turmeriCBD (25 mg) | ACTIVE ($89)

The turmeriCBD was created with the intentions of ridding one of pain and inflammation. The unique ingredient here is the use of turmeric. This is a smart move considering that it is heavy in curcumins, substances known for halting molecules’ ability to induce different forms of inflammation in the body.

saviaCBD Premium Hemp Balm (1000mg of Hemp extract) | $89

Compared to the aforementioned three, this respective product is a topical solution that permits consumers to apply the solution directly onto paining areas. In addition to the use of CBD, this Hemp Balm also combines beeswax and a number of essential oils that support one’s skin health.

saviaLAB Final Thoughts

Overall, saviaLAB’s claims of retorting to science, technological advancements and nature is evident in the products offered. For instance, the ingredients combined with CBD work in conjunction to promote a healthier self – most of which are well known pairings concluded by existing, scientific studies.

Next, their reliance on nanotechnology is helpful as it increases the body’s absorption capacities and bioavailability of the embedded nutrients.

Finally, their level of transparency is not comparable to the average CBD product, as they not only have their lab reports available online, but a QR scan code is attached on each product for immediate results as one pleases. To explore the different facets of saviaLAB visit them at

Abby Veronika is one of the leading researchers here and resides in Southern California where she is a student at a local college to study Communications. While she is a best-selling women’s romance novel author on Amazon, her real expertise and passion lives within the cannabis, health and nutrition space.

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