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PUREfect Hemp: Organic Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Products



PUREfect Hemp: Organic Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Products

When it comes to CBD and other cannabinoid-related businesses, oftentimes, their existence has to do with a personal experience. This appears to be the case with PUREfect Hemp, which is a division of Healthy Habits.

Having been around for nearly 40 years, Healthy Habits was and continues to help clients who are in dire need of quality supplements and natural alternatives. The founder’s career took off with his small clinic and by 2002, he created a widely known brand that stands strong today.

The purpose of this review is to look closely at Healthy Habits line of PUREfect Hemp products. This piece will assess whether the brand stands by their mission and will cover a number of facets including product selection, prices, level of transparency and quality.

What is PUREfect Hemp?

Healthy Habits PUREfect Hemp line offers full spectrum and CBD isolate products that are deemed of utmost quality; from the growing processes up until packaging. As per the claims made, their products are all certified THC free (for the most part), have been clinically proven, are therapist recommended and are legal in all 50 states.

What does PUREfect Hemp currently offer?

PUREfect Hemp houses a diverse selection of hemp-derived products. To be more specific, consumers can choose between CBD oils, capsules, gummies, pain relief roll-on, emu & CBD healing rub, sleep-aid oral spray, and anti-aging and rejuvenating creams. All of the products offered are proclaimed as being organic, GMO-free and made in the U.S.

PUREfect Hemp Products

Here’s a quick overview of how much consumers can anticipate spending on each of the CBD mediums offered:

  • Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil (500mg and 1500mg): $69.95 and $129.95 respectively
  • Organic CBD Oil (500mg and 1500mg): $59.95 and $94.99 respectively
  • Full Spectrum Capsules: $69.95 per 30 capsules
  • CBD Gummies (20mg and 25mg): $59.95 and $69.95 respectively
  • Pain Relief Roll-On: $64.99 per 3 ounces
  • EMU & CBD Healing Rub: $47.95 per ounce
  • Sleep-Aid Oral Spray: $39.95 per 25 ounces
  • CBD Apple Stem Cell $46.95 per ounce
  • CBD Collagen Retinol: $44.99 per ½ ounce

PUREfect Hemp Final Thoughts

Healthy Habits has been operating in the supplements industry for over four decades. This is definitely an advantage over newcomers, as the former would have established customer relationships along the way. Then comes PUREfect Hemp, which is a division within Healthy Habits that appears to value the healing properties of hemp-derived cannabinoids.

What makes this brand unique is the vast number of solutions provided – each targeting a specific concern, whether it be one’s skin, physical or mental health, etc. As for its prices, they seem quite comparable to the market standards. Another facet worth considering here is the mere fact that PUREfect Hemp is one of the only companies to offer a 90-day money back guarantee. Finally, PUREfect Hemp offers weekly educational email series to ensure that consumers are well informed on cannabinoids consumption.

All that being said, there are some drawbacks worth mentioning. For starters, the team prides themselves in ensuring quality holds, but there’s no mention on third-party testing or certificate of analysis (CoA) for their products. The latter is crucial given that it serves as a testimony of what’s truly in each solution offered and reflects the brand’s level of transparency. Second, the team claims that the products have been clinically proven and are recommended by a therapist. Currently, businesses aren’t allowed to make such strong claims unless they have evidence to support it.

At the end of the day, consumers are urged to contact customer service regarding any doubts or concerns prior to making purchases, as this is an investment towards one’s health.

To learn more about Healthy Habits® PUREfect Hemp, click here.

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