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PAX 3 Vaporizer: Dual-Use Dry Herb and Concentrate Extract Vape Pen with App



PAX 3 Vaporizer: Dual-Use Dry Herb and Concentrate Extract Vape Pen with App

Responsible, enjoyable and personalized experiences – this is the promise of PAX Labs who is the company behind PAX 3. This company is just over a decade old with an incredible documented list of credible accolades and satisfied consumers. The technology itself was recognized in 2018 with an award in gold standing. Their goal is to go beyond the stereotypes and create a safer way for consumers to enjoy their products.

What are those products? Well, they are leaders in the cannabis markets. They want to deliver a quality protect that will not only go beyond the stereotypes but debunk them. Their product line which includes PAX 3, possess innovation and design that allows for a premium and discreet way to consume cannabis products.

From design to technology, hardware to software they haven’t left anything to chance. Additionally, they have been able to construct a product line and company that helps consumer individualize their experience. A personalized experience from start to finish.

Based out of San Francisco, they are backed by leading investors in the technology space. Their team is composed of exceptional people with backgrounds ranging from tech, healthcare, biotech and solid customer care. Presently, they are experiencing rapid growth to deliver their mission. They embrace diversity, possess integrity and have a goal to impact thousands of lives.

Now that you have been introduced to this outstanding company, PAX Labs, lets dive into more about their leading technology in the PAX 3.

What is PAX 3?

PAX 3 is a dual use vaporizer for dry herb and extract. This product will elevate your experience to the highest degree with their award-winning technology. There are two (2) ways you can own this cutting-edge device; in their complete kit or, the device on its own.

The Complete Kit

This PAX 3 kit, retails for $249.99 USD. It comes with a 10-year limited warranty which any consumer is always happy about. Here are a few of the benefits and features of this kit;

  • 8-10 session per charge
  • 60+ temperature settings
  • 22 second heat up (best in its class)
  • Vibration notifications
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Fully functional PAX mobile app

Additionally, the complete kit comes with a concentrate insert, half pack over lid, multi-tool package and three (3) screens, and a variety of colors to choose from as well:

  1. Matte Black
  2. Matte Fuchsia
  3. Matte Rose Gold
  4. Matte Silver
  5. Matte Teal
  6. Matte Gold

Should you opt for the Device only, it does not include the additional features of the Complete Kit and is limited to five (5) color choices. To purchase the device on its own, it retails for $199.99 USD.

Magic Moments and Quality Sessions

The PAX 3 device has definitely elevated the cannabis world. PAX 3 delivers a seamless transition for switching to vapor. It is simple, special and more importantly, the experience is all about you.

They describe the device as high-performance from their battery technology which will allow for multiple sessions instead of having to charge in between. This battery is included in their 10-year warranty we mentioned above. Remember we mentioned that consumers have the ability to personalize their experience? Well, this is where this gets good.

PAX 3 has two (2) options to enjoy its brilliance; dry herb or concentrates like extracts. Whatever your preference, this is where you can maximize its performance. Switch between the two (2) or stick with one, that is something they decided to leave entirely up to you.

The PAX 3 device speaks to you through LED lights. In doing so, you are notified of heating status, battery life and temperature settings. And, you can save these options for each use instead of having to reset them each time. In other words, save your settings and you can have the same enjoyable experience time after time.

Want to take things to the next level? Use the PAX mobile app for even more detailed options and functionality.

Other Products from PAX Labs

PAX 3 is the latest of the technology developed and released by PAX Labs. However, it was not the first to emerge from this quality company. Additional products in their line include; PAX 2, PAX Era, PAX mobile app and a variety of accessories.

How to Order PAX 3

The best way to order this technology is through their website. The order process is pretty straight forward click and order and they accept a variety of payment options. Shipping and returns can also be facilitated through the website and warranty inquiries as well.

Interested in Selling These Products?

It isn’t uncommon that when a new device with exceptional technology and reviews hit the market people want to know how they too, can get involved. Because of this, PAX Labs has included an affiliate structure into their company, and you can read more about that on their corporate website.

One final note we should mention is that in order to even visit their website, you do need to select your country of residence and select the checkbox that indicates you are at least the age of majority for your respective company.

This company does not manufacture or sell cannabis itself but they do provide some cutting edge technology to help consumers enjoy it on their own time, and just the way they like it!.

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