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Panther Wellness: Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Lotion, Balm and Capsules

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panther wellness full spectrum hemp oil
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As the cannabis industry continues to expand, more and more consumers are interested in assessing the overall quality of said firms. Given the current stance of cannabidiol (CBD) usage, that is, the need for ongoing studies with conclusive findings, safety should be consumers’ key determining factor. The notion of safety can be reflected via the source of CBD, a firm’s willingness to share details, indication of dosage and so on. To see these factors in effect, this review will introduce Panther Wellness.

Panther Wellness proclaims itself as a brand that makes use of the whole cannabis plant in which CBD is derived from. Their argument is that using a wide range of cannabinoids is surely to result in a strong and effective solution – this has been supported by the limited studies that exist today. To further understand what Panther Wellness is all about, factors such as its goals and product line will be analyzed with keenness.

What is Panther Wellness?

Panther Wellness is a family-owned firm that supposedly specializes in delivering pure, full spectrum hemp. While many firms prefer to stick to pure CBD solutions, Panther Wellness has since made it their goal to spread awareness on the benefits of ingesting a solution containing properties of the whole plant, with natural healing being their primary focus. To see how their mission has been practiced in reality, a complete analysis of their products offered is a must!

What Can Be Said with Regards to Panther Wellness Products?

When it comes to the unique uses of CBD, Panther Wellness has come up with four different infusions, which include lotions, oils, balms and capsules. Each product has also been categorized by strength levels and by the looks of it, consumers can expect anywhere between 25mg to 1500mg of CBD, which appears the be the average witnessed within the CBD industry.

Hemp Lotions

Hemp lotions look to be formulated with specific purposes. That is, each scent has the ability to either uplift, relax, maintain or sooth one’s overall mood. In addition to the use of full spectrum CBD, other ingredients such as shea butter and avocado oil have been incorporated to optimize skin health. When considering CBD concentration, consumers can choose between 250, 500 and 1000mg. Lastly, despite the scent, hemp lotions are priced at $49.99.

Hemp Oils

The difference between the lotions and oils lie in the flavors offered. Since oils are typically ingested orally, Panther Wellness has come up with flavors that make the overall experience of ingesting CBD more satisfying. Some of the flavors consumers can choose from include Citrus, Peppermint, Salted Caramel or none. As for its uses, consumers are advised to try a full dropper to assess tolerance prior to taking more. Consumers can expect to invest anywhere between $45.99 and $75.

Hemp Balms

The line of hemp balms has supposedly been designed to reduce stress and contribute towards the improvement of one’s skin, joint and muscle health. Each balm takes on different scents to promote aroma therapeutic effects which contribute towards one’s mental health as well (i.e. Lavender/ Eucalyptus blend and Camphor). Consumers can expect to invest about $49.99.

Hemp Oil Capsules

Like the aforementioned essentials, the hemp oil capsules have also been created to give a full body solution to unwanted pain. Each capsule is said to contain 25mg of full spectrum CBD, which is significantly strong. Its current going price is approximately $75.99.

Panther Wellness Review Summary

Based on the analysis above, it is clear that Panther Wellness’ mission has been well reflected in the essentials offered. Their thought process throughout the hemp production, whether this is the beginning, or the final stages have been shared, which shows their commitment in building trust relationships with their customers.

In particular, every product comes with lab results that indicate the level (in percentage) of the different types of cannabinoids found within the full spectrum CBD. This is primarily important for consumers because it reassures them that that mind-altering properties like that of THC are reduced to the acceptable threshold.

Although their line of essentials is not as complete as the next competitor, Panther Wellness has not compromised in quality in any way. For instance, when choosing scent, artificial ingredients could have easily been incorporated, however, in order to preserve the CBD concentration, natural ingredients were used. In most cases, the products offered – regardless of delivery method – betters the entire body, which is facet that makes them stand out out of the bunch.

When addressing Panther Wellness’ overall affordability, it is evident that the prices are reasonable, if not inexpensive because of the multipurpose properties it contains. This is naturally the case when using full spectrum CBD, which they’ve done so cleverly. Finally, after browsing through their frequency asked questions, their effort in ensuring consumers are not doubtful is crystal clear, as they’ve not only taken the time to reflect on the products offered, but also on some general knowledge questions. To learn more about Panther Wellness, go to:

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