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New Windward CBD Products Debut with Organic Botanical Hemp Extract



New Windward CBD Products Debut with Organic Botanical Hemp Extract

Today, Thursday, July 9, is a much-celebrated day marking the launch of Windward, which is a brand-new organic Hemp botanical and CBD variety just entering the market. The new product is based on the lofty principles of enhanced health, adventures, and the planet.

Windward is steadfastly committed to the provision of the best quality CBD, wellness, and Hemp products. Moreover, the company is committed to the setting of sky-high standards of social responsibility and environmental protection into the broader hemp business circles.

To support every day and athletic health, Windward offers users the advantages of a full-spectrum, organic hemp extract that comes with health-enhancing adaptogens and botanicals that create more significant effect going beyond the efficacy of CBD products alone.

This combination of plants and related active compounds is a sure booster of the entourage effect, as long as it's consumed according to the mix. Products coming from Windward are meant to provide support to those dealing with stress, sleep, recovery, and stamina issues, among others.

Windward's Remarkable Collection of Organic CBD Substances

Windward's newest product targets athletes, adventurers, and ecologically-minded people. This means that the new brand significantly derives its name from mountainous, oceanic, and wild-based freedom factors.

Whether you are interested in surfing, climbing, or merely want to spend your time in the backyards of the countryside, CBD carries benefits.

Windwards salve and tinctures are usually custom-made to produce efficient, fast-acting support that is also customer-specific. This means you can now fully enjoy a productive, balanced, and active product that supports you continually. The product was professionally manufactured, taking in the input of master herbalists, chemists as well as Ph.D. scholars.

We Respect the Workings of Nature

Jennifer Sullivan McBride, who is a co-founder of Windward, had this say:

“The fact that we have been working for a long time in the outdoor business and making use of the time spent outdoors has demonstrated to us exactly what it means to develop a company that not only protects but also respects our natural environment. Indeed, it is vital to get everything right the first time, in complete respect of the workings of nature.”

“Furthermore, the markets are saturated with CBD products offering false-promising white-labeled products today. This surely complicates the health situation of the ordinary person as well as that of the planet. Notably, Windward is determined to change that process by promoting new forms of responsibility.”

“Moreover, it offers both curious adventurers and athletes exactly what they deserve and needs; this means it offers products that are essentially all-natural, effective, and pure. These are ethically produced and sourced. For these reasons, we are delighted to be counted as committed members of the 1 percent for the planet organization and a reputable member of the California Benefit Corporation as well.”

Windward Products are Magnificently Packaged

Windward is known to source their USDA-certified organic hemp materials from a family-owned farm that is located in Colorado State. Windward usually partners with foragers and farms from all around the planet. These utilize the benefits of sustainable practices to obtain the choice of botanical ingredients. Moreover, Windward's methods of non-toxic extraction, which also feature organic materials like cane alcohol, are known to produce the highest quantities of pure, potent, and safe plant actives available.

Moreover, the company doesn't use solvents like butane, hexane, and propane, solvents that are commonly used within the industry. All these substances are wrapped in a high-quality, sturdy, Miron Violet glass.

This is important for extending the general product lifespan as well as keeping ingredients away from dangerous light. Windward's boxes are also manufactured from recycled, 100 percent post-consumer paper. The papers are produced using a process that is free of chlorine as well as 100 percent renewable electricity. Also, they are printed using soy-based inks in the USA.

The Genesis of the Windward Story

Windward, which is based in California, was established by several respectable founders. These include Ms. Jennifer Sullivan McBride, Joey Benaron, Dawn De La Fuente, and Matt Rose. The seasoned team that runs the company boasts of more than 25 years of collective experience gained in the outdoor industry and elsewhere. The founders boast of coming up with reputable brands like Red Wing Shoes, Burton, Patagonia, and plenty of other items.

If you would like to learn more about the company, as well as the advantages that come with using Hemp CBD, and the company's unswerving commitment to the values of sustainability, you are welcome to visit Otherwise, you can also join the Instagram adventure @windwardgoods.

Pertinent Facts on Windward

Windward company, which was established in 2018 and had its headquarters in California, USA, is well-known for producing organic botanical products as well as Hemp CBD that work to enhance the mental and physical well-being of users. The team at Windward believes that everyone should have unfettered access to healthy living. Thus Windward's mission is focused on providing better health, more adventure, and a healthier planet.

The company combines the use of organic Hemp that is certified by USDA with that of wild-harvested botanicals known to support health. Generally, the products of Windward are aimed at adventurers, athletes, and ordinary endeavors of wellness.

The products come with custom-designs that are important for supporting recovery processes, performance, and increased focus as well as stamina. Moreover, Windward's products are known to enhance stress relief as well as better sleep. Windward is proud to be associated with the 1 percent for the planet, and the California Benefit Corporation.

Windward is deeply committed to the values of environmental protection as well as social responsibility. Furthermore, the company is committed to leading the industry ethically and sustainably. To keep learning about the varied endeavors of Windward, you can visit their website at

Judith Hayes lives in Maine and loves to visit Florida. She is a women of many talents and skills as her primary passion is freelance writing but is also a web designer, photographer and world traveller. Her experience in broadcast journalism is what led her into authoring several books as well as being a featured editor at the Journal of Health magazine. Judith enjoys writing about health, nutrition, vegetarianism, aging, lifestyle, technology and of course, cannabis and CBD.

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