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New Phase Blends CBD: Hemp Oil Drops and Topical CBD Formulas



New Phase Blends CBD: Hemp Oil Drops and Topical CBD Formulas

New Phase Blends is a veteran-owned hemp CBD brand based in Florida. According to the brand’s website, the company’s CEO, Dale:

“Took time to develop patents that revolve around the process and blending of other all-natural substances that work in a synergistic manner with CBD. The result is what you see here; a potent and natural approach that is truly different and more effective than most other items in the CBD industry.”

New Phase Blends Product Qualities

Hemp-Derived CBD Formulas

New Phase Blends offers hemp-derived CBD products. As the brand explains on its website, “All CBD oil sold by New Phase Blends is considered THC Free (meaning less than 0.3% THC content).” Thus, those who are looking for hemp-based formulas may find an array of options on the brand’s website.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

New Phase Blends is also GMP Certified. This certification ensures that products are reproduced in a quality manner and to set specifications. As the brand’s webpage explains, GMP “refers to a very strict system of manufacturing that guarantees the reproducibility of a product’s quality to set specifications. It i[s] the highest certification that exists today that ensures proper quality control measurements are met.”

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

An outstanding quality to consider when selecting a CBD brand is whether it provides a Certificate of Analysis for its products. The certificate is essentially a lab report that provides an analysis of a CBD product. The report can provide information on the components and composition of a product so that consumers have a better understanding of the product that they are purchasing. Just a preliminary look at some of the brand’s product pages appears to show that a Certificate of Analysis is available. For example, here is the Certificate of Analysis for the brand’s High Strength CBD Gel Capsules.

Common Questions About CBD and Other Hemp Products

New Phase Blends also features a section on its main website on common questions about CBD and other hemp products. This section may be a useful resource for individuals looking to learn more about CBD products.

New Phase Blends Products

Products offered by New Phase Blends can be viewed on the “Shop” section of the brand’s website. Here is a general overview of the products offered by New Phase Blends.

New Phase Blends High Strength CBD Gel Capsules

New Phase Blends High Strength CBD Gel Capsules is a vegan-certified soft gel capsule that contains 40mg of CBD per capsule. There are 60 gel capsules per container. The gel capsules may contain MCT oil. As the product webpage explains,

“New Phase Blends uses organic MCT oil as a carrier for oral CBD products. This MCT oil is very high in essential fatty acids, hence the name MCT (medium chain triglyceride). These healthy fats are great for your body and offer many benefits like increased brain activity and energy in the form of readily available fats for your body to burn.”

The product is priced at $79.00.

New Phase Blends “Glow” Maximum Strength CBD Acne Cream

New Phase Blends “Glow” Maximum Strength CBD Acne Cream is described on the product webpage as a formula that features a 1% salicylic acid-base, an ingredient that may be able to aid in clearing acne. Also, according to the product description, the product contains 1,000 mg of premium CBD rich hemp extract and moisturizing lotion. Each container may be a 30-day supply. However, how long the product lasts depends upon the use of a person.

The product is priced at $47.

New Phase Blends “Soothe” Potent Topical Hemp Balm

New Phase Blends “Soothe” Potent Topical Hemp Balm is described on the product webpage as “an incredible, lavender-scented hemp balm.” The formula contains hemp-extract, beeswax, jojoba oil, and hemp seed oil. The product page also provides individuals with instructions for use and the full ingredients in the formula. Like other products offered by the brand, a Certificate of Analysis appears to be available as well.

The product is priced at $45.00.

New Phase Blends “Sleep” CBD Sleep Aid: 200mg CBD + Melatonin

New Phase Blends “Sleep” CBD Sleep Aid is a CBD hemp extract and melatonin formula whose patent is pending. According to the product description, this is the brand’s flagship product. The brand appears to be confident about the product, as it states on the product description, in part,

“We take melatonin and mix it with a high-quality, premium hemp extract, and produce a sleep aid like nothing else you’ve likely tried before. Not all CBD oil for sleep is created equally, and our customers can attest to that!”

The product is priced at $120.00.

New Phase Blends “Go” CBD Oil for Energy: 500mg CBD + Synephrine

New Phase Blends “Go” CBD Oil for Energy is a formula that features synephrine. According to the product description, “Synephrine is present in a naturally-occurring mixture of phytochemicals such as the rind or fruit of bitter orange. It’s frequently used as a weight-loss or energy stimulant.” In addition to the synephrine, the formula features 500mg of CBD in each bottle.

The product is priced at $66.00.

New Phase Blends “Pure” Premium CBD Drops

New Phase Blends “Pure” Premium CBD Drops is a CBD oil formula. According to the product description, it features phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract, and individuals can choose their spectrum, flavor, and strength. The formula also includes MCT oil as a carrier for oral CBD products.

The product price range is $73.00 – $100.00.

The New Phase Blends Return Policy

It appears that New Phase Blends offers a money-back guarantee for its products. The product pages feature a money-back guarantee symbol and the following wording:

“Our CEO guarantees your satisfaction with our products – or you get your money back. All of it. Simply return the original container, give us your order number, and a refund will be processed in full.”

New Phase Blends Summary

New Phase Blends seems to offer an array of products on their official website. As with any brand, individuals should conduct their own due diligence and research into a brand and its products, review Certificates of Analysis, and take the time to learn about their options. Doing so may enable individuals to find products that work well for them.

All information is for general informational and educational purposes only. Nothing should be interpreted as legal or wellness advice.

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