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Heyday Facial Shop Launches Personalized CBD Skincare Service with Licensed Estheticians



Heyday Facial Shop Launches Personalized CBD Skincare Service with Licensed Estheticians

CBD has become an extremely popular option for men and women of legal age in recent years as a mechanism to address a number of conditions as issues. According to advertising executive Jason DeLand, “Right now, CBD is the chemical equivalent of Bitcoin in 2016. It’s hot, it’s everywhere, and yet almost nobody understands it.”

Those who are concerned about any hallucinogenic properties associated with CBD need not be because most CBD products have had THC, the psychoactive substance, removed from them. Moreover, the substance is not addictive and when used in the right doses, it can provide a number of therapeutic properties.

In the skincare world, as well, the substance has become a regular active ingredient in many products. CBD is recognized for its ability to absorb well into the skin and to provide soothing qualities in the process.

One facial company, called Heyday, is also joining the CBD craze by providing an exclusive service to its Los Angeles location. The service, priced at $140, and which lasts 75 minutes, is called Back to Balance CBD Facial.

The facial starts by users drinking drops of CBD tincture that has been dissolved in water. Then, the shop will create a customized treatment using a number of CBD products from Mowellens, a CBD wellness brand. The single service is only available in the Los Angeles location – the other four locations have not established the service yet.

According to Heyday co-founder and chief brand officer,

“CBD is the ingredient du jour in just about all forms, but for us the ingredient has powerful skincare benefits around calming and inflammation, which is an incredibly common condition we've seen in the 200,000 facials we've done. We wanted to be able to see how well things work in the laboratory of our treatment rooms every day,”

The service may be a move in the direct direction for the company concerning its introduction of CBD products.

Pollak continued,

“as we've grown, one thing has remained consistent: we're about educating clients. With the proliferation of CBD in skincare, we wanted to ensure we were part of the conversation and creating a space for clients to try the new ingredient live and in-person. It's an opportunity for us to be the place where we can provide answers from brand-agnostic, ingredient-obsessed experts about what the industry is putting out there.”

Heyday’s collaboration with California-based company Mowellens also means that the shop is able to provide users with high-quality products that are recognized for their medicinal properties. The products are also lab-tested. According to Ava Lemons, a Heyday skin therapist, the owner of Mowellens “developed really clean products that are a great into for someone new to CBD. We’re really excited about working with Mowellens because Amy comes from a biochemistry background, so she’s really done her technical homework on CBD.”

Pollack adds that Heyday is not just following a trend, but is working in the early stages of self-care products that feature CBD.

She continues,

“With the legal landscape around CBD (and marijuana) shifting quickly at the state level, it's probably stating the obvious that this niche of the industry will continue to grow,” he said. “It's a bit Wild West right now, but I see the skincare and product side of CBD moving towards separating what's efficacious from convenient, of-the-moment marketing. I also think that we'll begin to see CvBD integrated into skincare products in a way where it's merely part of an effective formula without being specifically called out as a star.”

All information is for general informational and educational purposes only. Nothing should be interpreted as legal or wellness advice.

Jane is a regular contributor who learned about the great benefits of CBD a few years ago after starting it herself. Impressed by its effects, she's interested in helping others learn about options that can be helpful for them.

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