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Herb Apotheker: Women’s CBD Oils, Edibles and Creams Products



Herb Apotheker

Herb Apotheker is a company that brings natural options to consumers that need products for the female body to alleviate their anxiety and inflammation, all while avoiding the use of prescription medication.

But what is Herb Apotheker? What kind of products do they provide? And how do they set themselves apart from other brands in the industry? Let's find out.

What is Herb Apotheker?

Pain is one of the most universal if agonizing sensations we ever have the displeasure of feeling. This pain can come in many different forms, but it often ends the same way – popping a pill. Some people have dull pain from muscle cramps or headaches, and it doesn’t take more than ibuprofen to help. For individuals with chronic pain or a recently broken bone, there’s usually a need to get a more intense solution from their doctor.

As effective as these doctor prescribed remedies can be, there are also many side effects associated with them. Liver damage and forming a dependency isn’t uncommon with some medications, but the use of natural ingredients is far safer. To get the same benefits but without all the toxins and chemicals and possible addictions that come with prescription drugs? There’s Herb Apotheker.

Herb Apotheker is primarily owned by women, focusing on products that work for the female body. These remedies are the result of years of experience with the human body (as well as animals), offering products that soothe and nourish the needs of the user. The company tries to provide a broad selection of formulas to meet every possible need that the user could have, which means that the company offers skincare remedies, tablets, and so much more.

Along with products for women, Herb Apotheker has created a line of remedies for furry pets as well. In fact, for consumers that want to save a bit on their purchase, the company offers a discount of 20% by typing in “Summertime” to the promo code box at checkout.

Products from Herb Apotheker

To understand how Herb Apotheker can help women, let’s discuss the different products that are presently available from their website. The selection includes:

  • CBD beauty and skincare
  • CBD balms and salves
  • CBD for pets
  • CBD capsules and soft gels
  • CBD edibles
  • CBD drinks
  • Let’s dive in!

CBD Beauty and Skincare

The many benefits that CBD offers to pain have easily been adapted to help with a mutual complaint in the skin – inflammation. CBD has been linked to hydration as well, making it an ideal companion to many of the spa-quality products that are found with Herb Apotheker.

For women that want to take advantage of the relaxation that CBD may provide, there are the Bath Salts for $9.99, which users can combine with one of the face masks for $6.99.

For users that want the enjoyment of a bath bomb, it only costs $8.99 to add it to the cart. After the user dries off, they can massage the body lotion ($29.99) into their skin and put on some lip balm ($5.99).

CBD Balms and Salves

CBD balms and salves are used to help consumers to salve their muscles with a more substantial remedy. Some of the balms help to calm, while others soothe soreness for $14.99. However, individuals that experience a bit more pain may want to opt for the Extra Strength Gold Balm, which is a little costlier but offers double the CBD.

CBD for Pets

Much like the products for humans, CBD for pets helps improve calmness, relieve pain, and more. The most popular product will likely be the beef-flavored chews that offer 2mg of CBD each. However, for pets that seem willing to take on the taste, there are several THC-free tinctures that can be given by tongue or by placing drops in their water bowl.

These options are available for both cats and dogs in a variety of flavors.

CBD Capsules and Softgels

The CBD capsules and soft gels are perfect for consumers that want the benefits of CBD with a more flavorful taste. These options are also helpful for consumers that want to maintain an exact serving every time they swallow the dose.

Some of these formulas are for morning use to get a boost of energy ($55.99), while some tablets are meant to make sleep easier ($4.99). Consumers that are looking for general wellness can choose the full-spectrum CBD capsules, which offer a dose as low as 15 mg per capsule for $49.95.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are for the consumers that want a little enjoyment and indulgence out of their CBD, and these treats make supplementation a little more delicious. Some of the supplements are fruit-flavored gummies ($29.95 and up), while others offer a truffle-style snack with CBD ($5.99).

Consumers can also get gummies with the use of turmeric and spirulina that help with inflammation without taking from the taste. The website shows that there are also whey protein powders with CBD< which couldn’t be a better pairing for healing the muscles and joints.

CBD Drinks

CBD drinks are offered for the same reason that the edibles are – to allow users to get a tasty way to make CBD a regular part of the routine. There’s “chill shots,” which are fruit-flavored drinks that provide users with a burst of CBD for energy. Users can also buy the teas to get a combination of CBD with their favorite tea flavors.

Herb Apotheker Bottom Line

Herb Apotheker offers the chance for women to take advantage of CBD in several different ways, whether they want to apply it to the skin or ingest it. The flavors are made to be more appetizing to the users (even the furry ones), allowing users to enjoy the therapeutic benefits that only CBD can provide. While many of the products can help women deal with pain, they also help with relaxation and hydration in the skin.

For any other questions or concerns, the customer service team can be reached by sending an email to

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