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There has been an explosion of hemp products on the market. But that does not necessarily mean that all of them are able to provide users with the support and benefits that they are looking for. One prime way to differentiate the lower-quality products from the worthwhile ones is to check out what a brand presents on its website and to read customer feedback. One brand that users may want to take a look at is Hemp Fusion, which offers whole hemp complex products.

What is Hemp Fusion?

HempFusion describes itself as a brand that “has been accredited with creating a new category with the introduction of hemp-based nutritional supplements.” The products offered are natural and plant-based and feature the brand’s Whole Food Hemp Complex. The hemp used in the formulas is also full spectrum, as opposed to isolate; and the products also feature botanicals and naturally occurring dietary hemp phytocompounds. With all that the brand has to offer, users may be able to find what they are looking for in a hemp formula.

Powerful Adaptogenic Properties

HempFusion also indicates on its website that delivers powerful adaptogenic properties of dietary phytocompounds that are sourced from plant extracts and nutritional hemp. The compounds work to interact with receptor cells in the endocannabinoid system. As a result, the body may be able to adapt better to outside influences and to become more balanced and better. The brand further explains that it “aspires to restore nutritional hemp to its rightful place in supporting human health. We are dedicated to researching, creating and bringing to market Hemp Phytocompound products in a way that is safe, legal and effective.”

Quality Control Mechanisms

The lack of regulations in the hemp industry mean that companies are responsible for regulating their products on their own and implementing the proper testing processes and procedures. Brands that follow such standards offer their customers are more likely to provide users with products that adhere to safety and efficacy standards. In this case, Hemp Fusion Whole Food Hemp Complex as implemented certain standards.

For example, the brand explains on its website that its products are “manufactured in an NSF certified, cGMP facility. Our products proudly use only natural, Non-GMO, full-spectrum phytocompound hemp Oil. We use a combination of unique nutritional hemp oil compounds with other powerful botanicals to form our proprietary “Whole Food Hemp Complex.” Further, the brand’s products are “third-party tested for purity and quality.”

HempFusion Products

HempFusion offers a number of formulas that users can view on tis website. Here is an overview of some of the options, so that users know what to expect;

  • HempFusion Twist 5mg CBD Hemp Extract Citrus Ginger

    This is a unique dietary supplement. The product is infused with the brand’s proprietary Whole Hemp Complex of Hemp Extract, clove oil extract, black pepper extract, and other substances. It is also entirely vegan – there are no meat substances or otherwise. There is 5mg of CBD per serving, vegan omega 3-6-0, turmeric, and ginger. This formula also comes in different flavors, such as Key Lime and Mango Peach.

  • Liquid CBD Hemp Extract

    The Liquid CBD Hemp Extract may be ideal for those who are looking for a pure hemp extract formula. The formula features 5 mg of CBD per serving, black cumin seed oil, and omega 3-6-7-9. The brand explains on its website that this is a natural formula with a broad-spectrum hemp extract from nutritional hemp. The black pepper provides the terpenes.

Those who are interested in viewing more of the brand’s products can do so on its website.

Hemp Fusion Summary

Overall, HempFusion offers potent and unique hemp products that may be able to provide users with the support and quality that they are looking for. To learn more about the brand and what it has to offer, just visit its website today.

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