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Greentank Cannabis Vaporizers: CBD and THC Vaping Hardware Products



Greentank Cannabis Vaporizers

What Is Greentank Cannabis Vaporizers?

If you are looking for the most advanced and innovative vape devices, look no more, as Green Tank has heard the urgency and need and has come up with an array of devices to help users enjoy their oil vapes un-incidentally. These vaping hardware have transformed the cannabis industry a great deal. How so? One may ask.

Ceramic core formulations

Despite the availability of ceramic core heating devices in the cannabis vape producing industry for a while now, none has come close to being similar to the Green Tank ceramic formulations. The reason is that only the highest food-grade ceramics are sourced and delicately formulated to work in the best way possible with cannabis extracts.

Numerous research and trials have been carried out to achieve what are today the best vape solutions. Heating and vapour production are taken to soaring heights with these splendid devices. Besides, maximum flavor and the highest quality vapor are achieved using the Green Tank ceramic core formulations. It’s a great device for a great experience.

Greentank Cannabis Vaporizers

The varieties to pick from include:

GT M7/GT M7.M– All-in-one fully customized vape pens

Specifically formulated for the highly viscous cannabis extract oils, these pens are able to deliver complete flavor of the oil without affecting it ever so slightly.

Their key features comprise the following:

  • Precise airflow provision therefore enabling the user an exciting vaping experience unheard of from competitor vape pens
  • Open-top septum designed for easy refill automatically
  • Efficient and quick power usage without any wastage with excellent performance

Importantly, the product has a microchip controller incorporated in its feature to assist in vaping regulation with a timer for 10 seconds intermediate. As such, GT M7.M’s durability is unmatched.

GT spectrum

It has the most versatile cartridge and is perfectly formulated for balance and perfect taste deliverance. It matches oil viscosity with custom intakes perfectly balancing both taste and vapor.

Its key features are:

  • A child resistant cartridge that is lockable by a push-down
  • A vertically placed precision ceramic core system
  • Direct airflow system and a reservoir that’s open on top


This is another one-of-a-kind, all-in-one vaping device. It comes with a sleek, innovative design aimed at giving the user an unmatched experience when it comes to cannabis vaping.

It main features include:

  • It’s portable
  • Compatible with both TCH and CBD products
  • Efficient heat technology that does not affect the taste
  • An amazing finishes complete with LED lights for that sleek brand feel and look

GT Poly

This product is for the perfect combination a traditional look and feel. The cost effective-cartridge device has the ability to handle any oil, and is CBD or THC conducive.

GT Torrch

Built with pure ceramic and a slow-burn technology of 6 seconds, it is designed to ensure maximum terpene and flavor deliverance. Its other features are as splendid and innovative as all the other GT devices. For the perfect on-the-go device, GT Commuter is the most recommended with its custom rechargeable case and two high-powered quarter gram vapes.

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