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Green Gorilla CBD Lip Balm: World’s First BioEnhanced Cannabidiol Complex



Green Gorilla Review - World's First CBD Lip Balm

As much as CBD has been all the rage nowadays, very few expected it to take a unique twist such as the launch of the world's first Cannabidiol lip balm. This one-of-a-kind balm is crafted with an array of plant-based ingredients that include antioxidants, a concoction of vitamins and a group of flavonoids. On the bright side, still, unlike many other CBD-containing prescriptions, Green Gorilla has been proven not to contain any THC trace and neither does it have any psychoactive elements whatsoever. Speaking of the ingredients, a 15oz tube contains about 20mg of Cannabidiol per tube and a host of other organic and natural ingredients. As for the application process, it is safe to say that one can apply it on the lips and skin as often as they need.

The Full List of Ingredients

Just like any other conventional lip balm out there, Green Gorilla contains a fair share of Beeswax. This forms the foundation of the balm. Secondly, the balm also consists of Curcuma Longa – this is essentially a Tumeric root extract – and sunflower seed oil also is known as Helianthus Annuus. For its unique fragrance, Green Gorilla has traces of Lavender ( Lavandula Angustifolia ) flower oil. Further, for the mint aftertaste, this CBD lip balm contains Mentha Piperita or better known as Peppermint. In addition to this, there is Olea Europaea aka Olive Fruit Oil and Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

But Why Use CBD Lip Balm

This CBD Lip balm's main foundation is beeswax which goes a long way in making sure that your lips are well moisturized while at the same time relieving you of dry and chapped lips. This product has also been proven to be useful in the relieving of stomatitis, cheilitis and cold sores thanks to its Mentha Piperita content. Apart from the fact that the balm's center focus is CBD, it also provides an important occlusive layer on the surface that is designed to seal and lock moisture within the lips and protect them from any harsh external exposure. This is important because lips are particularly vulnerable because one's skin is at its thinnest at the lips and, therefore, very susceptible to dryness and chapping unlike other parts of the body.

That being said, even though it contains CBD, Green Gorilla is not in any way addictive or causing dependency and habit-forming.

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