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Green Gone Detox: Safe THC Detox Kit for Cannabis Drug Tests?



Green Gone Detox: Safe THC Detox Kit for Cannabis Drug Tests?

Green Gone Detox is a first of its kind company that focuses on health and wellness products that can flush the body's THC buildup. These THC detox formulas are developed by pharmacists, and entirely natural, using a plant-based blend in vegetable gelatin capsules with just a few ingredients to increase urine output and purge THC from the stored fat cells.

What is Green Gone Detox?

People across the country are taking advantage of the legalization laws that allow them to use recreational cannabis. Although so many states allow the use of these products, there are still companies that drug test and require their applicants to show a negative test. Most people will have to discontinue their use to test clean, but Green Gone Detox provides users with another way to purge the compound from the body.

Founder of Green Gone Detox – Brad  – recently expressed that the creation of these products was a response to the lack of efficient remedies available to consumers online. Anyone that knows that they are going to be tested for THC should be ready to do so, whether it has to do with securing a job, helping with tolerance, or any other health reason. Other kits tend to contain harsh chemicals that can mask THC, but they don’t flush it out. With this formula, Green Gone Detox uses the natural functions of the body to purge the THC faster.

The THC detox product was in development for over two years by a group of scientists based in Ohio, with the Green Gone Detox Kits officially launching to the public in 2017. It only includes five ingredients, but they are necessary for metabolism. After all, THC attaches directly to fat cells, which is why this formula helps with the metabolism also.

How the Kits Work

Ingredient's used to flush out THC, include:

  • St. John’s Wort, which doubles the enzymes in the liver
  • Psyllium husk, which provides users with fiber to bind THC in the digestive process
  • Horsetail, to increase how much urine is created by the body
  • White willow, which breaks up the bind between THC and albumin
  • Sodium bicarb, to promote a higher pH in the urine

Green Gone Detox’s THC Detox Kits provide users with medical-grade testing strips to see if they will test clean as they purge the body. As a way to make sure consumers know how many days they need to commit to their detox, the website features a THC Detox Calculator (here). The user inputs their age, gender, weight, height, and the amount of time since they last consumed THC, and its potency, along with the average session lengths the user engaged in weekly.

After the assessment, users will be told precisely which kit is the right one for them, based on their answers. Each kit contains the detoxification capsules to account for the number of days that the user wants to purge their body. They also include a detox manual, full instructions for use, and medical-grade test strips that check for a concentration of up to 50 ng/ml THC in urine.

Buying the Green Gone Detox Kits

There are several different kits available, which all come with their testing strips. Consumers can either take the assessment online or choose the kit that they believe is right for them from the following options:

  • Two-day kit with 5 THC test strips for $59.95
  • Five-day kit with 5 THC test strips for $89.95
  • Ten-day kit with 5 THC test strips for $139.95

If the users are unable to purge the THC from their body with these kits, they have up to 30 days to get a refund from the company.

Frequently Asked Questions About Green Gone Detox

What does Green Gone actually do?

Green Gone is a line of detoxification kits that help to eliminate THC, making it untraceable in any test. This dietary supplement is the creation of pharmacists, pushing the THC and cannabis metabolites out of the body through urine and waste.

How quickly do the detoxification kits work?

Considering the feedback that Green Gone has received from its users, the detection of THC was reported to be cut in half. However, the specific result of each user will depend on multiple factors, including their “personal attributes” and how closely they follow instructions for the detox.

How long will consumers be able to test clean after using one of the Green Gone kits?

Green Gone’s effects are permanent to an extent. If the customer were never to use THC again, then the metabolites would stay out of the body. Users will remain clean until they use THC, though they will have to go through this process back if they need to be clean. The kits include test strips to make sure that the user is clean at the end of their detox.

Without going through a cleanse, how long can marijuana remain in the system?

The amount of time that marijuana stays in the body will entirely depend on how frequently it is used. For someone who has only used marijuana once, their body should be able to eliminate it within about 5-7 days. However, people who are regular users each day would likely take up to a few months, without any help.

Will consumers experience any side effects?

So far, there have been no side effects reported. However, individuals that currently take other supplements or medications may want to speak with their doctor before they flush out their system.

Will a drug test show if the user has detoxed with Green Gone?

No. Green Gone includes no chemicals, and it doesn’t provide the user with any drugs to get rid of marijuana. However, the company states that it is important to finish the kit’s regimen at least 12 hours before they plan to take a test, as a high concentration could cause a false positive.

What if consumers have other questions?

The customer service team can be reached by emailing or calling 419-516-4734. This phone number can also be used for text communication.

Bottom Line

Green Gone Detox kits are helpful to anyone that needs a clean drug test or wants to purge THC from their body for health or tolerance purposes. The formula is natural and includes minimal ingredients, though there is a risk of having a false positive if the concentration of these ingredients is too high. The formula is easy to use, and the online calculator allows consumers to find the kit that works best for them.

Kim or ‘KimD’ is an experienced, astute full-time writer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature. While her professional path is in Commercial Real Estate as an Accredited Buyer’s Representative and the financial industry, she loves to elaborate exclusively about CBD health and wellness information here at COR and will be around for a long time to come.

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