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Green APE CBD: CBD Oil Drops, Gummies, Softgels and Cream



Green APE CBD: CBD Oil Drops, Gummies, Softgels and Cream

As the world moves forward, and CBD products are becoming more readily available across the US, consumers get to learn about the benefits of these hemp ingredients more and more. Green APE, one of an expanding list of companies, makes full-spectrum CBD products that contain many other supportive phytochemicals working wonders for people’s health.

These phytochemicals are flavonoids, terpenes, and omega acids. While often used interchangeably, CBD products shouldn’t be confused with pure cannabidiol formulas, as they’re full-spectrum and made with high-quality industrial CBD, along with many other hemp ingredients that help the entire body function properly.

CBD has been featured on media giants like CNN, Times, Forbes, and many others. Doctors and health specialists have also discussed how effective this ingredient is at improving health and alleviating the symptoms of different ailments. More than this, it’s a 100% natural ingredient, so it doesn’t cause any side effects that could be very damaging for the human body.

What Makes Green APE One of the Best CBD Manufacturers?

Green APE offers a very wide selection of CBD products, both flavored and unflavored, also containing from 500 mg to 2,000 mg of CBD. In other words, this company delivers everything people need when it comes to high-quality products formulated with CBD extract.

This is great seeing the list of CBD products and brands is quite overwhelming, and it’s very difficult to choose potent formulas at good prices. While these products are quite the same as far as their categories go, ranging from tinctures to topicals and pet treats, it’s their quality and CBD content that matter the most, together with their price and purity.

Here are the main reasons why Green APE makes some of the best CBD products available on the market at the moment:

  • The CBD used is raw and sourced from the Pilot Research Farms in Kentucky
  • Green APE uses CO2 equipment of the highest grade when extracting the CBD from the hemp plants
  • Product samples get tested by third-party and renowned analytical labs in the US
  • Green APE has been featured on top websites in the cannabis industry
  • Green APE makes products with 100% pure industrial CBD that is cultivated and grown in the US

The Green APE Products

The Green APE list of products includes everything, from drops and gummies, to softgels, topicals and pet treats. These products are all presented below.

Green APE Serenity Drops

Green APE’s Serenity Drops come in versions containing 500 mg, 1,000 mg and 2,000 mg CBD, so they can be bought at different potencies, depending on what health problem they have to be used for.

Their health benefits include chronic pain relief, reducing stress and anxiety, improving the cardiovascular system and boosting mental acuity. These drops can be taken sublingually, also with food or drinks.

The prices for the Green APE Serenity Drops go as it follows:

  • A 500 mg CBD bottle for $59.99
  • The 1,000 mg CBD bottle for $79.99
  • One 2,000 mg CBD bottle for $99.99

Green APE Serenity Recovery CBD Cream

The Green APE CBD Cream has been labeled by many websites in the cannabis industry as the best in category. It should be used locally and externally to soothe pain and to speed up recovery after working out, as well as to relieve joint aches.

The cream can be bought for $69.99

Green APE Serenity Softgels

The softgels made by Green APE are available in the 450 mg and 750 mg CBD versions. They’re especially created for those people who can’t stand the taste of this hemp ingredient. These CBD capsules have a vegetable outer skin made of cellulose and can be easily swallowed, preferably with water.

Here are the Green APE Softgels prices:

  • 450 mg CBD jar for $69.99
  • 750 mg CBD softgels jar for $79.99

Green APE Serenity Gummies

The Green APE CBD Gummies contain 450 mg CBD and are edibles: a category of CBD products that has become very popular over the last few years. They provide all the health benefits of CBD and have many different flavors.

Since one gummy contains 25 mg of the highly acclimated hemp ingredient, it’s better to start consuming half of it a day to begin with. After a while, the dose can become 1 gummy daily. People who have used CBD products before can increase the amount as they need to, but only to a maximum of 2 gummies a day.

Green APE CBD Gummies are vegan and being sold for $59.99 a bottle.

Green APE All-Natural Serenity Pet Treats

Aside from the CBD extract, the Green APE Pet Treats also contain beef, elk antler powder, quinoa, green tea extract, and many other natural ingredients that are known to keep pets healthy. Elk antlers are rich in magnesium, lipids, iron, collagen, phosphorus and other minerals. The CBD content in these pet treats is 60 mg.

A bag of Green APE Pet Treats costs $49.99.

Green APE’s Do Good Philanthropy Campaign

Green APE believes in giving back to the community, so it donates 10% of its earnings to non-governmental organizations. It’s also part of the Planet Initiative and gives this project 1% of its gross sales revenue. It also supports the Jane Goodall Institute, which has managed to accomplish revolutionary research on the survival of wild bonobos and chimpanzees. It also gives a helping hand to many other organizations that are struggling to make the world a better place.

Green APE’s Refund Policy

People who buy Green APE products are also being given a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, which means they can return what they have bought and ask for a complete refund, but only during the first 30 days since they have made their purchase. Returns can be sent to:


3355 Hudson St
Denver, CO 80207

The Green APE customer support team can be contacted by calling 855-390-9373

between 8am and 10pm EST from Monday to Friday, and starting with 8am until 8pm EST, Saturdays and Sundays, also by email at People who aren’t 18 years old yet, also pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, should not use Green APE or any other CBD products.

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