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Glori Blends: Whole Plant Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures, Salve, Pets and Capsules



Glori Blends

When it comes to ingesting cannabinoid-related (CBD) supplements, consumers need to be careful as everything that exists in the market is not made equal. While limited studies exist in relation to the medicinal effects of CBD, those that do exist claim it to be helpful when it is a full-spectrum type. That is, in combination with many other cannabinoids in existence – not just focusing on one specific type. The main reason a full-spectrum is typically preferred is because of its strength and effectiveness.

All this being said, there’s one particular brand that started off as finding a solution for one individual and today intends to help all consumers and it is none other than Glori Blends.

The following review will provide consumers with sufficient details to determine whether or not Glori Blends is a worthwhile CBD brand. Some of the factors that will contribute towards the final decision include its purpose, extraction process, product line and affordability to name a few.

What Is Glori Blends?

Glori Blends claims to specialize in offering natural and organic, non-GMO and lab tested CBD-infused products to consumers. As previously mentioned, the foundation of Glori Blends was an initiative taken towards helping heal one particular individual. The moment that respective individual managed to get well, it eventually hit that others too can benefit from it – which ultimately became Glori Blends’ journey.

Glori Blends Extraction Process

As stated by Glori Blends, the extraction process entails three steps. First, all cannabinoids present within hemp were wiped out and placed into a tar-like material. The said components were then placed into a mixture to optimize the plant’s full spectrum.

Next, the oil was combined with other components as well as terpenes to increase its potency. Terpenes are the fragrant parts of the hemp plant. They are typically removed, but in doing so potency of the solution becomes weak because terpenes carry therapeutic properties. For this reason, Glori Blends made sure to include them. Finally, the end product(s) undergo lab testing prior to consumer purchases.

Glori Blends Offered Products

Currently, Glori Blends offers four unique categories of products, which include Oils, Capsules, CBD for Pets and Topicals. For a complete understanding as to how each category of product differs from one another, a quick look at some of the products within said categories will be presented:

Oils And Capsules

Six different types of oils containing nearly 1500mg of CBD per bottle have since been offered for specific purposes. For instance, the Daily was created as a dietary supplement. Similarly, the Bliss was created to enhance one’s mood, Relief to ease pain, Thrive to combat inflammation, Dream to promote quality sleep and Lucid to serve as either a productivity levels booster or an anxiety reliever.

The more specifically aimed oils, which also contain natural flavors, are offered at approximately $175, whereas the dietary supply (for daily use) goes for $65. As for the recommended uses, adults are suggested to take one dropper once or twice daily.

All of the oils, with the exception of the Daily, are also available in capsule form. Capsules are considered safer compared to oils because consumers will not risk over-consuming CBD. As for its prices, consumers can expect to invest anywhere between $40 and $150.

CBD For Pets

Glori Blends currently carries two CBD products tailored for pets, which include the “Paws & More: Calming Drops,” and the “Paws & More: Coat Spray.” The former was created to help support pets’ mood, energy levels, and ease anxiety levels, while the latter focuses more on pets’ skin health, i.e. dandruff, and irritating skin. Both solutions contain 500mg of CBD and cost approximately $50.


As for the topicals offered, which include the “Whole Plant Hemp Salve,” and the “Glori Ice,” consumers can attain speedy relief, especially when it comes to aches, pain and inflammation relief. The first mentioned essential is targeted more towards daily pain (with options of 250 and 500mg) and the second focuses primarily on sports related pain, but it does not have any restrictions for type of pain. This category of products typically ranges between $50 and $80.

Affordablility Of Glori Blends

The overall affordability of Glori Blends’ essentials is somewhat questionable considering the fact that quality CBD is available at inexpensive rates elsewhere. However, it is also important to note that Glori Blends’ extraction process may differ from their competition, along with the source of CBD, soil nutrients and weather conditions in specific regions. Therefore, it is irrational to shut down a brand because it is slightly expensive because it might end up bringing better results.

Glori Blends Final Thoughts

In general, choosing a CBD brand entails assessing whether they use quality CBD, are fully transparent by providing essential information, offer unique solutions as opposed to one type and lastly do so at fairly reasonable monetary rate.

Glori Blends evidently does not lack in quality or being transparent as every inch of detail provided shows that their interest is to ensure that consumers are confident with what they are purchasing.

Similarly, diversity in the products offered does not seem to be a problem as well as they presently have four unique lines available. As argued before, the prices are relatively high, however, there are several factors that go into pricing – making it far more difficult to assess a price tag.

All this being said, it won’t hurt to give Glori Blends a shot, however, consumers should be aware that results are not the same for everyone and CBD should be used in moderation.

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