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Extract Labs
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A mission that seems to be similar among most CBD brands is to provide consumers with quality, efficient and transparent products. This is typically expected in any industry, but the bar is set exceptionally high for the cannabis industry because it has been debated as being as an alternative to prescription drugs, something that has been advertised and is seen as a norm for decades now.

Given the fact that associated legislation are only starting to take form, CBD brands need to highlight quality like no tomorrow. This is something Extract Labs appears to excel in, better yet, it is their competitive advantage!

The purpose of this review to explore Extract Labs’ diverse façades and how they’ve nearly reached the expectations of a high-quality CBD (or cannabinoids infused) product. Some of the areas that will be considered in arriving to a conclusion include its overall purpose and the thought process that went into creating different infusions.

What is Extract Labs?

Extract Labs concentrates within the cannabis industry. They supposedly pride themselves in the quality of their CBD essentials provided. The approach Extract Labs takes in maximizing health does not solely rely on how to deliver CBD to consumers, but also in ensuring that said essentials are in fact available. Furthermore, the measures taken to entice consumers via education is something that sets Extract Labs apart from the rest.

How Diverse is Extract Labs’ Product Line?

So far, Extract Labs has succeeded in offering CBD-infused crumbles, isolates, shatters, tinctures, topicals, vape juices and essentials for pet (i.e. tinctures for cats and dogs). By now it should be clear that classic CBD-infusions include oils, tinctures, topicals and pet essentials. This being said, Extract Labs’ thought process in delivering crumbles, isolates and shatters definitely makes them unique.

A “CBD Crumble” is created by removing any traces of THC through distillation. Also referred to as CBD Wax, a crumble emphasizes on parts of the cannabis plant that is typically forgotten, i.e. terpenes, cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN) and other existing cannabinoids.

Stimulatingly, Extract Labs has taken into account a wide range of strains such as Indicia, Sativa and Hybrid, resulting in 13 distinctive crumbles: AD/DC, Blue Dream, Cherry Wine, Cookies, G-Rilla, Gelato, Granddaddy Purple, Green Crack, OG Blue and Kush, Pineapple Express, Strawnana and Tangie ($50 each).

Next, we have Extract Labs’ “CBD Isolate” which is CBD-dominant (nearly 99%). The procedure in creating the isolate supposedly entailed extracting from mature stalks and stems of the plant and then powdering it. Isolates are preferred because of its convenience and easy integration. For instance, consumers can simply take it underneath the tongue or infuse it into their respective essential oils or supplements as desired. The options are quite endless compared to vape juices and oils, especially with the latter only being able to deliver a certain percent as opposed to the entire cannabinoids content.

Following the Isolates are Extract Labs’ CBD Shatters, which are very similar to the former but with a twist. In particular, each shatter carries 99% CBD with terpenes included. A terpene is a component found in the cannabis plant and is highly known for delivering flavor and housing therapeutic properties. In most cases, they are seen as an underdog, but in reality, the flavor – which exists in an abundance – plays a significant role equivalent to that of cannabinoids.

A common feature seen between the Shatters and the Crumble is the different strains incorporated, as the shatters also come in the 13 different strains listed for the crumbles.

Are Extract Labs’ Essentials Affordable?

Extract Labs’ essentials range anywhere between $30 and $180. This is definitely something that needs to be pointed out, as the average pure CBD good in its respective market costs $49.95 for a quantity of 30ml. Ultimately, Extract Labs’ claims of delivering goods at affordable prices is quite factual, as they’ve successfully incorporated pure CBD, CBD plus terpenes and full spectrum solutions that satisfy one’s individual needs.

Why Choose Extract Labs?

As seen above, Extract Labs has delivered a wide range of CBD and full spectrum infusions at affordable prices, but they go above and beyond product and pricing strategy, which is the reason why Extract Labs carries value. Here’s a summary of why Extract Labs is deemed unique:

#1 Products are Categorized According to Strains

Most often, consumers are given the option to choose a product according to price range or infusion type. With Extract Labs, one can pick a product that is either Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant. This forces one to enhance their knowledge in regard to the two types. Also, it gives consumers a better idea as to what types of strains are better in healing acute and chronic pain versus mental and emotional health.

#2 Full Transparency

When CBD brands proclaim themselves as being fully transparent, this is typically done in explaining the extraction process, quality control and in some cases, offering lab results and Certificate of Analysis on a categorical basis. Extract Labs has taken a step further and has since provided a “Batch Database”, which offers information related to the types of cannabinoids found, and the ratio of CBD to THC in each solution.

Most importantly, they’ve categorized the provided reports by what it has been tested for, i.e. Heavy Metals, Microbial, Potency, and Residual Solvents. This methodology allows consumers to give equal focus on each area tested. In the majority of the cases, the lab results are one-pagers with everything that has been tested. This can be overwhelming and can lead consumers to miss important aspects, that should not be taken lightly.

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