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Euphoric CBD: THC-Free Hemp CBD Oil Extract with Peppermint?



Euphoric CBD: THC-Free Hemp CBD Oil Extract with Peppermint?

Euphoric 300 mg CBD Oil is an oral tincture that shows it is a TCH Free isolate on the label and states consumers can use to get the general benefits that full-spectrum CBD offers. With these cannabinoids, consumers are able to regulate their moods and manage pain more effectively.

What is Euphoric CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has only recently achieved a legal status with the signing of the Farm Bill of 2018, but the sudden surge in available CBD products on the market is rather obvious. As this new industry works to find its way of flourishing, Euphoric CBD Oil has entered the scene as well, aiming to deal with the issues like pain and depression.

CBD companies are not presently allowed to make false and unverified claims on their labels about what the products can do. However, the creators behind Euphoric CBD oil get around this rule by stating in general on their website that there are clinical studies to indicate that CBD may:

  • Reduce pain
  • Eliminate anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Offer relief

CBD doesn’t have the same effect as THC, even though they are derived from the same type of ingredient. Instead, CBD’s effects are more therapeutic, helping the body to release serotonin and other natural chemicals. Also, unlike THC, CBD is legal in every state and is completely safe for the body. While the FDA has only approved the use of this compound in medication for treating certain types of epilepsy, inconclusive evidence suggests that CBD is effective enough to solve pain and inflammation as well.

The company includes several statements from reputable names in the health industry. The National Cancer Institute, for example, states that it is possible that Euphoric may “reduce the spread of some cancer cells,” while the Journal of Translational Psychiatry states the use of Euphoric for schizophrenia but provides no links for viewing these statements. Per the official selling website for Euphoric CBD oil:

  • The National Cancer Institute Believes EUPHORIC May “reduce the spread of some cancer cells.”
  • The American Journal of Physiology says “EUPHORIC induces a substantial in vivo cardioprotective effect from ischemia” (coronary heart disease)
  • Journal of Translational Psychiatry calls EUPHORIC a “completely new mechanism in the treatment of schizophrenia.”

Ordering Euphoric CBD Oil

The only way to purchase Euphoric CBD Oil is through the official selling website, which has a few package options (depending on how much the user wants to stock up on). The packages decrease in price per bottle as the quantity goes up.

Choose from:

  • One bottle for $64.99 (plus $7.95 for shipping and handling)
  • Three bottles for $49.99 each or $149.99 (with free shipping)
  • Five bottles for $39.99 each or $199.96 (with free shipping)

If the customer likes the product and chooses not to cancel, 18 days from the original purchase date, a charge of $89.95 for the product you received will be made to your credit card. Purchasing the free trial enrolls the consumer into an auto-shipment program. Every 30 days from the initial purchase date, the customer will receive a new 30 day supply of the product, and charged $89.95 for the trial product you received, and continue every 30 days until you cancel. If at some point you choose to cancel your auto-ship program, email or call customer service support at (844) 599-4642 anytime between 8 am to 8 pm EST daily to obtain a required RMA number.

Product returns will need to be made to this address, First Class Herbalist CBD EUPHORIC 1540 Vine street #736, Hollywood, CA 90028, in the original, and unopened package within 30 days of shipment. Consumers who wish to view details on the company's auto-ship program can do so here:

Even with the research that is presently available about CBD, the reaction that consumers have varies greatly. If this product doesn’t help the customer, they can return it within 60 days as part of the brand’s money-back guarantee.

Euphoric CBD Oil Summary

While the website for Euphoric CBD Oil has plenty of helpful information, there is one clear detail missing – the lab results. The majority of tried, true and honest CBD companies will keep their work transparent on their website, but the creators behind this formula offer no links or evidence that their products can provide relief or dosages. Even though they quote several sources as being legitimate, the lack of lab results to back it up is a little concerning. To learn more, you can visit the official website, here.

Abby Veronika is one of the leading researchers here and resides in Southern California where she is a student at a local college to study Communications. While she is a best-selling women’s romance novel author on Amazon, her real expertise and passion lives within the cannabis, health and nutrition space.

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