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Simply Crafted CBD: Daytime and Nighttime CBD Oil Tincture Formulas



Simply Crafted CBD: Daytime and Nighttime CBD Oil Tincture Formulas

The CBD market is an interesting one, as it first came to existence as a result of finding an alternative cure. Since then many founders shared their own stories and perspectives on its uses. For some it was about helping out a loved one, while for others, it was CBD’s mere connection to nature that led them to tend to consumer health. The latter seems to be the case for Simply Crafted CBD.

Simply Crafted CBD was created by founders with much respect for alternative, natural remedies that help solve one’s life problems. That said, the purpose of this review is to provide a complete breakdown on Simply Crafted CBD and what they stand by when it comes to their offerings.

What is Simply Crafted CBD?

Simply Crafted CBD is a brand that devotes to offering CBD products of utmost quality. For starters, they use plants grown in the U.S. with the extracted CBD processed in a federally regulated facility. Who can forget the efforts they’ve taken in ensuring that their products have been third-party tested! But what is striking about Simply Crafted CBD is that their products are tested by their own staff – something that is definitely unheard of.

What does Simply Crafted CBD offer?

Simply Crafted CBD currently offers a collection of CBD goods. Consumers can choose from edibles, flower and concentrates to tinctures, topicals and vapes. For those who are unsure as to what might work best for them, Simply Crafted CBD has created different categories that might relate to one’s health concerns. To be more specific, consumers can browse through CBD for Sleep, CBD for Focus, CBD for Pain and CBD for Mood.

How much do Simply Crafted CBD essentials cost?

Given that Simply Crafted CBD has an extensive line of products, the following represents price ranges that one can expect for each category:


The lowest concentration of CBD found for a 30- and 40-count is 300mg and 1000mg respectively. Hence, the price ranges from $40 to $90. That said, consumers can also purchase a 4- or 10-count pack which, depending on the concentration, would cost about $15.

Flower and Concentrate

This category includes pre-rolls, concentrates, flower cured with terpenes, cartridges and vape pens. Products found within the Flower and Concentrate line range from $15 to $60.


This line includes human and pet friendly solutions that range from 300mg to 1500mg in CBD strength. As for its prices, one can anticipate paying $35 and $75 respectively.


Topicals include lotions, gels, serums, oils and lip balms which range from $15 and $45.

As for the vapes and accessories categories, consumers can expect to invest anywhere between $10 and $350. Presently, Simply Crafted CBD offers free shipping and offers 20% off certain products with the code: 2020.

Why choose Simply Crafted CBD

Based on the analysis above, it is clear that Simply Crafted CBD is persistent in ensuring quality is the forefront of their brand; whether this be through third-party lab testing (i.e. Confident Cannabis) or by directly involving their staff and assessing their opinions. Next, their level of transparency cannot be stressed enough, as they’ve since provided Certificate of Analysis for each of their CBD products found here. Most of all, they’ve created a number of solutions that consumers can turn to and choose based on their preferred handling (i.e. topical, oral, vapes, treats, etc.). To learn more about Simply Crafted CBD, click here.

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