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Complete Exodus Effect System: Divine Healing Holy Anointing Oil Recipes Book

The Complete Exodus Effect System by Pastor Andrew of Divine Origins and Divine Healing Solutions helps users learn how to make holy anointing oil recipes using ingredients like myrrh, calamus, cinnamon, cassia and olive oil.




Pastor Andrew's The Exodus Effect is based on a biblical scripture that offers a complete healing system focused around “Kanabos” (cannabis) that quite literally came from directly from the Bible that's been lost in translation for nearly 2 thousand years according to the creators.

In this day in age where improving the health of the body is a continual effort, and consumers around the world seek out ways in which to do so. There are already plenty of supplements on the market, though each one is different. However, there’s a new solution that consumers may be able to make themselves, based on the teachings found in The Exodus Effect.

The Complete Exodus Effect System is a divine healing solution centered around Exodus 30:23 where God gave Moses the recipe to craft a holy anointing oil that helps consumers be closer to God in health. The only way to sign up for the Exodus Effect guide is by going through the official website where users will learn about the scripture “and you shall make of these a sacred anointing oil blended as by the perfumer; it shall be a holy anointing oil”.

What is Complete Exodus Effect System?

Created by a group called Divine Origins, The Exodus Effect offers information about the way that users can harness God’s healing power with the use of True Anointed Oil. By engaging in this type of regimen, consumers can improve their energy levels and improve their health with the use of these faith-based techniques. Dr. Sula Benet is credited to filtering through a substantial amount of scripture to find an “error” in the Bible in 1939, which he says revealed the recipe to the Anointed Oil that consumers can use now.

In the guide, consumers won’t be provided with a prepared sample of the oil, but they will learn what needs to happen to create it. Once the user reads through this section in the guide, they are on their way to better health. According to the creators, this remedy could end up challenging what it actually means to follow the Christian faith, as it “goes against everything they’ve been told.” The use of this solution is considered to be controversial, but the only way to learn everything that this method can offer is by making the purchase for the Complete Exodus Effect System.

Divine Origins was originally created by a pastor that saw the future of the helpfulness of the Word of God. The work began as a grassroots movement and has progressed into a movement with the support of Christians around the world.

Purchasing Complete Exodus Effect System

Upon visiting the website, consumers can purchase the Complete Exodus Effect System for $67.00, which will provide them with both a physical copy and a digital version. However, to provide additional value for the product, consumers are offered multiple gifts that accommodate the purchase, including:

  • Divine Pet, which shows how consumers can use Anointed Oil with their dog or cat
  • The Lazarus Effect, which shows how consumers can use different techniques to improve their quality of life
  • Hidden Prayers, which contains 33 different prayers that can help with the effects of the True Holy Anointed Oil

If, for any reason, the user decides that this regimen doesn’t give them what they need, they can give up access for a full refund at any time.

Contacting the Creators of Complete Exodus Effect System

Even with the answers provided online, consumers may want to know more. The customer service team can be reached with a call to 1-877-334-3257.

Complete Exodus Effect System Summary

The information available about Pastor Andrew's Exodus Effect system is minimal as he did not want the details in his recipe book to leak, and the only way to truly see the effects is to purchase the guide and try it out themselves. The Anointed Oil is set to be a health solution for many people, and the ability to learn the recipe without having to continually purchase a supplement separately is a big benefit for consumers. As an all natural alternative that anyone can start using comfortably from home, to experience quick pain relief, The Exodus Effect recipe book is worth a look inside given how potent the story is, how aged the recipes are, and how in-demand healing solutions are this day in age.

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