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BEAST CBD: A Look at Beast Sports Nutrition CBD with Liposome Delivery

Otto Baynes



BEAST CBD: A Look at Beast Sports Nutrition CBD with Liposome Delivery
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Back in August 2019, a company devoted to bringing the best out of consumers and supporting them in their fitness goals, BEAST Sports Nutrition, announced their plans to launch their first ever CBD product, i.e. BEAST CBD.

As per the claims made, this respective CBD supplement is no different from their other products in terms of their mission, which entails high quality products that are innovative in nature that have been manufactured under strict guidelines. Here’s what there is to know about BEAST CBD:

What is BEAST CBD?

BEAST CBD delivers 10mg of CBD isolate per serving. Using CO2 extraction process, BEAST Sports Nutrition claims to have extracted CBD from all-natural hemp. The end result has been described as being in the purest and most concentrated form possible; free of all other compounds.

What other ingredients can be expected in BEAST CBD?

Besides CBD being the active ingredient, this respective solution may contain other inactive ingredients as well. These include purified water USP, organic vegetable glycerin USP, phosphatidylserine, lecithin, xanthan gum, citric acid, monk fruit and natural flavors.

What makes BEAST CBD superior to other CBD products?

The one distinguishing facet BEAST CBD has is that most CBD products don’t use liposome to help the delivery system. This method forces CBD contents to be enveloped in a liposome that is composed mostly of phospholipids which consist of fatty acid tails and a hydrophilic head. Comprising of cellular membranes, their role is to regulate cellular processes and because of its stabilized nature, these lipids are said to allow for utmost drug delivery.

How should I take BEAST CBD?

Based on the supplement facts provided, one serving size is equivalent to half a dropper. That said, should one serving size not suffice, consumers may consider increasing their servings by additional half droppers.

Given that there’s no one-size-fits-all serving discovered as of yet, consumers should always make small incremental jumps in their ingestion. Remember to shake the oil well prior to its uses and only repeat the suggested serving size one to three times per day (as needed).

Here are some frequently asked questions that may help in deciding whether BEAST CBD is right for you:

Will BEAST CBD get me high?

Given that BEAST CBD contains pure CBD, hence one does not need to fear of possible psychoactive symptoms. Normally when CBD is extracted, the oil itself only contains 0.3% of THC, which has been deemed as a safe quantity that doesn’t stimulate a high or euphoric feeling.

Should I have any questions, who can I contact?

To get any clarifications regarding BEAST CBD or one’s order, it is best to contact customer service representatives at or by directly calling 1-800-800-0267 during their standard business hours (Mon to Fri from 8:30am to 5:30pm).

Where can I get BEAST CBD from?

The best option is to purchase the supplement directly from BEAST Sports Nutrition, as they provide support in the event that one plans to return the product or ended up with a damaged or lost good.

How long will I have to wait upon placing my order for BEAST CBD?

As per the claims made, BEAST CBD typically ships within one business day of the order being placed.

Does BEAST CBD come with a return policy?

Should BEAST CBD bring unsatisfactory results, consumers can return or exchange their products, but this would have to be done within 60 days from the date of purchase. That said, those who wish to return the supplement will have to take responsibility for shipping costs pertaining to returns or exchanges. The mailing address is:

Beast Sports Nutrition
7491 N. Federal Hwy. #148
Boca Raton, FL 33487

With the product, one must include the original packing slip, which should indicate “return” on it, along with the product and its name. This policy is only applicable if BEAST CBD was directly purchased from the BEAST Sports Nutrition website.

How much does BEAST CBD cost?

For a total of 50 servings, consumers can anticipate investing $49.99, which comes out to a little under a dollar per serving. Bearing this in mind, consumers are currently offered free shipping on all BEAST CBD orders.


Overall, BEAST CBD appears to be a valuable investment simply because BEAST Sports Nutrition is known for their efforts in offering high quality and safe products. They’ve been granted the “20 Years of Excellence” Award and continue to pride themselves in being able to affirm that their products are free of banned substances. Additionally, their return policy is quite flexible, which allows consumers to truly test the product for themselves.

To learn more about BEAST CBD, visit their website today.

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