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American Marvel CBD: Legit Hemp CBD Oil Extract with Peppermint?

NP Lee



American Marvel CBD Hemp Oil Extract Peppermint
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Did you know that the CBD market is projected to expand from roughly $970 million in 2020 to almost $5.5 billion by 2025? As CBD-related research increases in numbers, more and more individuals are leaning towards it as an alternative to treat certain medical conditions. Some of its earlier uses, which remains popular today, is the treatment of seizures. Captivatingly, manufacturers have since displayed all sorts of CBD-infusions that appeal to each person.

That said, CBD oils remain the industry's face because of their convenient uses, all while tending to different organs in the body. Recently, a CBD oil called American Marvel CBD made lasting impressions, as it continues to gain traction. In fact, the creators insist that there is a high demand for it, which forced them to limit production.

With all the hype surrounding American Marvel CBD, it only made sense to put together a complete guide on whether it can be trusted or not. Here’s what we’ve assembled based on all that has since been disclosed to the public:

What is American Marvel CBD?

American Marvel CBD is a CBD oil that can be taken as a dietary supplement. As stated on the official website, it is ‘100% natural' and has been filtered extensively so that all THC compounds can be filtered out. With consistent use, one can anticipate “instant relief and recovery,” with targeted areas revolving around chronic pain, anxiety and stress, blood sugar levels, and restful sleep.

The above-mentioned benefits are said to be attainable because each ml-dose contains 10mg of CBD (or a total of 300mg per bottle). In all truth, the creators behind American Marvel CBD insist that this solution is highly absorbable and can easily deliver nutrients to different markers in the body. They also shared clinical results suggesting that the CBD oil reduced anxiety-related issues by 98%, increased cognitive performance by 67%, and improved immunity by 43%. This is why American Marvel CBD is recognized as being “clinically validated” and “doctors approved.”

On that note, individuals can give American Marvel CBD a shot without even completely paying for it. How is this possible? It turns out that the CBD oil is accessible through a free trial.

How does the American MarvelCBD Free Trial work?

Offered exclusively to U.S. residents, the American MarvelCBD free trial is designed to gain consumer trust. In other words, individuals usually only have to pay a shipping and handling fee to receive a month’s worth of American MarvelCBD. Within the apportioned timeframe, i.e., roughly 10 to 14 days, one will have to decide whether they want to keep their supply or return it. Should one decide to return it, customer service needs to be contacted; otherwise, he/she/they will be enrolled in auto-shipments where the full price of $89.97 will be credited every month.

All things considered, the entirety of the American Marvel CBD trial remains quite vague. For example, placing an order might automatically lead to enrolment in other services, including (found in the terms and conditions) NeoBod (i.e., $19.95 per month) and the Sociallity AccessNow health community program (i.e., $32.95 per month). The former is described as a health and fitness app, while the latter gives individuals access to health memberships in the U.S. The other service mentioned was ‘TOOTHBRUSH 4 ME' which appears to be a toothbrush replacement program.

Due to the different commitments that might arise from purchasing American Marvel CBD, it is highly recommended that individuals get in touch with customer service before investing in it. It's entirely possible that this is one big company that has several products under its umbrella and it didn't remove these phrases from its terms and conditions. But, it only makes sense to reach out to them directly first. Here’s how one can get started:

  • Mailing Address: 14000 66th St N Suite D, Largo, FL 33771 USA
  • Calling (Toll-free): (888) 285-1203
  • Emailing:

Final Thoughts

American MarvelCBD is a 300mg CBD oil proclaimed to do wonders regarding one’s mental, emotional, and physical health. It is advertised as 100% natural and THC free, which implies that those who end up getting drug-tested are less likely to get a positive result. Obviously, this supplement also caters to individuals who want a pure CBD source rather than on tainted with psychoactive properties.

Conversely, several ambiguous claims need further justification. For one, American Marvel CBD is said to be clinically validated. Still, the overall study has not been revealed, whether in terms of the participants or the tool used to assess “recovery.” Second, there’s no way to access the Certificate of Analysis (CoA), which tells us how truthful the team is regarding THC presence and whether the solution contains harmful toxins, pesticides, herbicides, etc. While the CoA is not required by law, many consumers tend to use it as a deciding factor, especially considering the number of bad players looking to the naive's simple advantage.

Finally, we have the free trial. For a solution that contains 300mg of CBD backed by no CoA proving its purity, a retail price of $89.97 appears to be irrational. In fact, 300mg is a relatively weak concentration and rarely passes the $59 mark unless given sufficient evidence. For these reasons, individuals are recommended to proceed with caution. Precisely, one’s best bet would be to contact the American Marvel CBD team about prices and the chains of subscriptions beforehand. For more on American Marvel CBD, visit here.

Mrs. Lee, a seasoned Canadian Nurse Practitioner, is pushing 20 plus years working in primary care and has self-identified ‘expertise’ in a number of healthcare-related and wellness-oriented subjects.  With a keen interest in women’s health and family wholeness, combined with a knack for specific clinical condition research, NP Lee continues to lead the TOC CBD medical and scientific editorial team.

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