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Ameo Entune Patches By Health Real Solutions: New Hemp CBD Oil Squares

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Ameo Entune Patches By Health Real Solutions: New Hemp CBD Oil Squares
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Did you know that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness reigning in the U.S.? What makes this worse is that only a fraction of those affected get treated. This is not only a burden on one’s mental and physical health, but also on one’s abilities, motivation, and confidence among other traits.

Ever since cannabidiol (or CBD), a compound derived from the hemp plant, hit the spotlight, everyone has been talking about it. Why? Based on several studies conducted, it can potentially induce calmness, restfulness and reduced aches and pains in consumers.

That said, wouldn’t it be great to make the most of CBD? This is where Health Real Solutions’ Ameo Entune patches come into play.

Given that the body’s ability to fully absorb CBD is an issue faced by consumers, Health Real Solutions believes its respective patches are the solution. The following review will further examine Health Real Solutions’ approach to increased bioavailability.

About Health Real Solutions

Health Real Solutions was built on the mission that food is the true medicine appropriate for humans. To improve the quality of each individual’s health, Dr. Turi entered the world of CBD and made sure the finest of properties are delivered to the body.

What are the Ameo Entune Patches?

Ameo Entune patches are transdermal and infused with full-spectrum CBD (i.e. with THC of less than 0.03%). The intent behind the patches is to generate a sense of well-being, deliver CBD sustainably to the body, ensure that consumers can attain a safe place during episodes of stress and bring comfort to the muscles among others.

Interestingly, the patches not only include CBD but also:

White Willow Bark Extract: Willow Bark is primarily known for its ability to rid one of pain and inflammation, which is also CBD’s key role.

Cat’s Claw Extract: Cat’s Claw contains a compound called Pentacyclic Oxindolic Alkaloid (POA). The similarity with the former and CBD is their anti-inflammatory properties, hence it was a natural combination just like that of the white willow bark.

CoQ10: Known as an energy generator for cells, CoQ10 is a naturally occurring component in the body and due to aging, this component gets produced minimally. As per the claims made, CoQ10 works alongside CBD to produce more energy.

Black Pepper Extract: Black pepper is a common ingredient used to increase a product’s bioavailability. In the case of CBD, it supposedly works to increase brain chemical levels that possibly reduces depression symptoms.

Suggested Uses of the Ameo Entune Patches

As per Health Real Solutions, one patch appears to suffice for an entire day. For best results, consumers have been advised to apply the patches on either their upper arm, inner thigh, or on the spine (base of the neck). It can be worn up to 24 hours, however, consumers should rotate it from time to time. For an added touch, consumers can also add a drop of their choice of essential oils to help support the body’s natural endocannabinoid system.

How much do the Ameo Entune Patches cost?

For a box of 30 pieces, consumers are expected to invest $127. Here are some of the discounts available as well:

  • Purchase 3 to 5 boxes and get a 5% discount
  • Purchase 6 to 11 boxes and get a 7% discount
  • Purchase 12 to 1000 boxes and get a 10% discount

Why Choose Ameo Entune Patches?

The main reason to resort to patches over other delivery systems is that it has a higher bioavailability and also delivers CBD sustainably, meaning that the effects can be felt for a longer period of time.

This cannot be achieved by CBD oils because they immediately hit the liver rather than the bloodstream, so most of the contents exit the body. Then there’s IV, which as opposed to oils, allows the contents of CBD to rapidly enter the bloodstream, but sadly, it exits the body at the same rate as it enters, so the effects are felt for a shorter period of time.

With patches, CBD eventually gets stored in one’s fat cells, so, when one decides to either fast or take part in an activity, the fat cells may be converted into energy and more CBD will be delivered.

To learn more about the Ameo Entune patches, click here.

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