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Yummi Karma: Female-Focused Cannabis Drops Products for Women



Yummi Karma: Female-Focused Cannabis Drops Products for Women

Being women themselves, the Yummi Karma team is equipped with natural knowledge on what their fellow women need in cannabis products. These women have dedicated their lives and love in the creation of these products and users are assured of compliance, innovativeness and consistency where Yummi Karma products are involved.

Cannabis Drops

The most popular Yummi Karma products are the cannabis drops that aid in solving various medical and lifestyle issues. The names of these drops are:

  • Stay lifted
  • Drift away
  • Mood magic
  • One to one
  • Four to one and
  • Twenty to one

These award-winning drops are known for their abilities to help women get better sleep through reduced body stress and anxiety, deal with PMS discomfort and pain, and improve their lifestyles through better dietary habits. Yummi Karma products are manufactured into super effective formulas sourced from ingredients of the highest quality.

Other Benefits

The products are ideal for relaxation as they reduce anxiety and are amazing anti-inflammatory agents. The drops also assist in mood elevation among other things.

How to use

Packed in a 300mg THC bottle, you can achieve at least 30 servings from a single bottle each of about 10mg. It is best to deliver the drops to your bloodstream by putting them under the tongue where there are effectively and quickly absorbed. For the desired effect, it’s advisable to consume a full dropper for each dosage.

Once you deliver the drops under the tongue, wait for 15-20 seconds before swallowing to ensure most of it is absorbed while under the tongue.


Yammi Karma drops ingredients vary slightly from product to another. The common factors among them being caprylic/capric triglyceride, full spectrum cannabis extract and natural stevia leaf and coconut oil for sweetening. Apart from those ingredients, they contain others as follows:

  • Stay Lifted: Natural flavours (orange), vitamin B12, green tea, and Guarana.
  • Drift Away has vanilla flavouring, melatonin, magnesium, and chamomile.
  • Mood magic is made of raspberry leaf extract, dandelion root, maca root and eleuthero root.
  • One to one: this product is made of only the common ingredients among the drops, as do four to one and twenty to one drops.

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