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Vida+ Hemp CBD Oil Products: Premium Full-Spectrum Extracts And Capsules

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About Vida+

Phivida, also Vida Plus, is a functional food and beverage company that believes in natural ingredients and whole plant nutrition as the best solution to maintaining overall health and body balance. They infuse Organic active hemp oil extract to a number of beverages, premium foods, and clinical products for enhanced everyday health.

Vida + hemp product’s formulations are simple and lean on their CO2 extraction that retains vital phytonutrients and terpenes beneficial to the user’s nutrition and overall health. They have partnered with the FDA to establish and implement better standard operating procedures for hemp products. All Vida + products are formulated with clinical-grade technology to maintain maximum active constituents from each ingredient used.

Vida+ Hemp CBD Oil Products

Vida + has a line of full spectrum capsules and CBD oil extracts. Their products are tested by third party laboratories for quality, potency, and purity. In a bid to ensure that their products are worry-free, the company does synthetic cannabinoid testing, phytoforensic verification, heavy metal testing, residual pesticide panel testing, stability assurance, microbial analysis, and solvent testing to each batch before release to the market.

30ml, 650mg Vida+ Hemp CBD Oil Extracts

Going at $79.99, this Vida + hemp contains 650mg CBD oil hemp extract and offers 21mg per serving. The hemp is organic and full spectrum, and hence offers an all-in-one nutritional and therapeutic benefits. Quality standards are applied to the specialty bottles packaging these products to protect the oil from harmful UV light and give a longer shelf life.

This product has no THC and hence gives the user a natural relief without the high. Vida + is cGMP-compliant and hence the oil is safe to use, with proven pharmaceutical quality.

1300mg Vida+ Premium Hemp CBD Oil Extracts

Formulated to give the user better overall wellness without prescriptions, chemicals, or side effects, a 30ml bottle goes for $134.99. It is an upgrade to the 650mg bottle, as it contains 1300mg CBD hemp oil extract, and 43mg per serving, hence good for people in need of higher CBD doses. This product is organic and non-psychoactive – it will not make you fail a cannabis drug test. The CBD hemp oil packed in this is CO2 Extracted to preserve crucial terpenes and phytonutrients and has been tested for potency and quality. The bottle is well designed to protect the oil from UV damage, and increase its shelf life.

2650mg Vida+ Hemp CBD Oil Extracts

Being the most concentrated Vida + hemp oil extract, this pack gives the user a total of 2650mg CBD hemp oil extract. Each serving contains 88mg and is thus good for people who need more hemp amounts. This organic full spectrum oil is CO2 extracted and hence contains important phytonutrients and terpenes, good for the user’s overall health. Like other Vida + oils, this oil is packaged a well-designed bottle to protect it from UV light and enhance its shelf life. A 30ml bottle goes for $249.99.

7.5mg Vida+ Premium Hemp CBD Oil Capsules

Designed for convenience, a bottle with 90 capsules goes with $79.99. Each of these capsules contains 7.5mg Hemp CBD extract, and are suitable for people in need of low CBD hemp doses. The capsules are non-psychoactive, lab tested and packaged at a cGMP certified facility. These capsules hence give users a natural and safe relief without THC’s ‘high’. Made of whole plant full spectrum hemp, Vida + capsules have more phytonutrients and terpenes responsible for overall wellness enhancement.

Vida+ 15mg Premium Hemp CBD Oil Capsules

Vida + 15mg capsules are formulated with Phivida’s proprietary blend of non-psychoactive ingredients in a cGMP-certified facility. They are easy to swallow and since Vida + capsules are tested for potency and safety, users are assured of no side effects upon using these capsules for relief. The 15mg CBD hemp oil extract in each capsule is good for people in need of moderate CBD doses. A bottle contains 90 of these capsules and costs $134.99.

Vida+ 30mg Premium Hemp CBD Oil Capsules

A $249.99-worth bottle is sold with 90 capsules, each containing 30mg CBD hemp extract. This is a high CBD concentration, hence ideal for persons in need of higher CBD doses to calm symptoms of more severe chronic conditions such as arthritis and nerve pains. All ingredients are natural, non-psychoactive, lab tested and packaged in a cGMP-certified facility.

Vida+ Special Deals And Offers

Currently, Vida + offers a 10% discount to first-time customers on products purchased after signing up to their site. Inspired to military and veteran’s courage and commitment, Vida + offers a 20% off on all purchases made by these groups of people.

Shipping Details

Vida + offers free shipping on all orders worth over $99.00 in the United States. Items are shipped within one business day of order placement, and all delays on this are usually stated on their website. Vida + ship through USPS and customers can track their packages through the Vida + website. If an order is worth more than $300, it gets shipped through priority mail and goes with a requirement signature, unless specified otherwise. No signatures are required on orders under $300, and are shipped through first class.

Are Vida+ Products Worth Buying?

The prices are quite high compared to a number of CBD brands with similar concentrations. Nevertheless, Vida + product’s quality is incredible, and their health benefits proven. With their over 50 years of combined CPG and technology experience, special offers, discounts, and favorable shipping terms, Vida + is a good deal.

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