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Strava Craft Coffee: CBD Oil-Infused Coffee



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Looking for the very best coffee is in town? Look no further than Strava Craft Coffee. Here they are dedicated to offering their client only the best coffee money can buy. Carefully picking out the source of bean and finally roasting them, small batch by small batch to ensure every bean is fully utilized. Strava Craft coffee brings to its client three distinctive coffee choices, namely:

  • Distinctive Single-Origin
  • Innovative Infused
  • Exceptional Signature coffees

Strava Craft Coffee: From Farm to Cup

Some might think that coffee is manufactured in laboratories. That is not the case. Coffee is a natural plant that is grown somewhere between the Cancer and Capricorn tropics in a far land along the equator. It takes over three years of hard work and patience before the seed planted grows to a stage where it can reproduce the very important beans.


Once ripe, they are manufactured locally to get rid of the pulp on the outer side, thoroughly washed and sorted before they are put in the sun to dry. In their dry form, they can be sent to the mills where the dry parchment skins are removed to expose the coveted green coffee been. The beans are then sampled for quality by sorting them using hands and machines.

Roasting and brewing

At the arrival of the green coffee beans at Strava Craft Coffee, they are roasted, which is where the mechanics of blending it to the best, ready-to-brew coffee begins. Art and science are delicately balanced in this stage. Acidity, body, aroma and flavour are achieved through keen setup and monitoring of the roaster before it proceeds with its chores.

Why Strava Craft Coffee?

Unlike normal coffee, Strava’s Coffee is infused with full-spectrum CBD oil from the all-natural organic Hemp. This coffee not only awakens the brain but contains numerous neuro protectants and antioxidants, which are vital for one’s wellbeing. The brain and body at large benefits from this wonderfully crafted coffee.

Strava Craft Coffee Benefits

Coffee is just not coffee anymore; with the CBD infusion, the benefits by far outweigh the side effects. Just from consuming a cup of coffee infused with CBD, you experience pain relief, aches stopped and nerves calmed, leading to complete utilization of the day. Buying Strava Craft coffee also ensures thousands of farmers worldwide attain their day’s bread. What better way to enjoy coffee than when knowing another soul also benefited!

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