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Sprig Sparkling CBD-Infused Sodas: Natural Cannabis Hemp Drink Beverages

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sprig cbd infused sodas
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Just when you thought the CBD industry was going to run out of ideas, the wellness trend is back with much more innovation to surprise us. We have seen cannabis compounds infused into foods, skincare products, drinks and even Vape pens. Now, a creative way to use CBD is hitting the market in the form of beverages brands leading in the production of CBD coffee, sodas, drinks and water. Pretty impressive with the innovations considering the need to incorporate different flavors, and designs in coming up with products that not only appeal but also enhance the health of the user.

About Sprig

Sprig operates a California-based beverage company founded in 2015, with the intention of specializing in the production of CBD and THC-infused drinks. The company's product line includes its award-winning THC-infused sodas sold in California dispensaries and the CBD-infused sodas sold countrywide. The Sprig THC Sodas have a concentration of 10mg of THC per can and are available for purchase at licensed dispensaries and retailers for anyone above 21 years. However, our review today focuses on the CBD part of the beverage company, with more insights on the sodas.

Sprig CBD-Infused Soda Options

The Sprig CBD-infused sodas utilize the non-psychoactive component in cannabis to encompass the health and wellness properties into the beverages. Each brand of soda carries 20mg of the high-quality CBD isolate derived from the hemp grown organically in Colorado. The well-blended drinks also contain zero THC and zero additives in the different flavors available.

Currently, Sprig offers these soda products.

  1. Citrus Original: The Sprig CBD Soda Citrus Original flavor combines carbonated water, cane sugar, grapefruit extract, CBD isolate and organic fruit juice for color. At 12fl oz., the Citrus Original flavor is an ideal drink for any individual looking for a healthy and active lifestyle. A 12 pack of these flavored sodas are available for $50.00.
  2. Citrus zero sugar: Although a different product, the Sprig CBD Citrus Zero sugar is a younger version of the Citrus Original. The only difference is that Citrus Zero Sugar has five extra calories and no additive sugars. And of course, it is made from the natural sweeteners that combine with carbonated water, grapefruit extract, CBD isolate and fruit juice. The product is available at $50.00 for a 12 pack.
  3. Sparkling Lemon Tea Zero sugar: As the name suggests, the Sprig CBD Lemon Tea Zero Sugar is a non-caffeinated lemon tea beverage with a bit of soda taste on the side. Regardless, it still bears 20mg of the quality CBD found in all Sprig CBD beverages. The Sparkling Lemon tea is also available for $50.00 for a 12 pack.
  4. Melon zero sugar: Another fan favorite is the Sprig CBD Melon Zero Sugar soda crafted with 20mg of the finest organic CBD. The soda lists its ingredients as carbonated water, gum arabic, citric acid, natural flavor and CBD isolate. Stevia is also a component used to sweeten the CBD Melon Zero sugar.

All Benefits, No High

Since Sprig utilizes CBD, their sodas are more focused on providing health and wellness compared to psychoactive effects of THC. The new sodas containing CBD do not get you ‘high' as often associated with most cannabis products. Instead, the beverages are infused with CBD to prompt health benefits such as

  • Relief from stress and anxiety
  • Relaxing the body and mind
  • Reducing chronic pain and inflammation
  • Help maintain brain health
  • Protect, moisturize and heal the skin

Purchasing Sprig Sodas

Since CBD products are legal, there is no limit to purchasing the Sprig CBD-infused sodas. As the only brand meeting the necessary quality and innovation with their sodas, there is plenty of reasons to want to try out Sprig's beverages. As it stands, the Sprig CBD sodas are available for purchase online, and in licensed dispensaries throughout the California state. You can, therefore, order yours today and get the ideal feeling for your active lifestyle.

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