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Smoke Honest Review: Modern Cannabis Smoking Pipes and Accessories

Smoke Honest is a premium smoke shop that offers modern smoking pipes and essential cannabis inhaling devices such as The Path Pipe, The Stashlight and Capsule Water Pipe.



Smoke Honest Review: Modern Cannabis Smoking Pipes and Accessories

Honest Pipes, found online at, is a smoke shop offering professional-looking smoke products and accessories.

Also known as Honest, the company is best known for its most popular product, The Path Pipe. The company also offers two other core products, including The Stashlight and the Capsule Water Pipe.

Based in San Clemente, California, Honest Pipes was created to solve a problem in the smoke industry: too many smoke products look unprofessional and messy. They feed into the “pothead” or “stoner” vibe. Honest Pipes wanted to create products that looked professional and functioned well.

Are Honest’s smoke products and accessories worth the price? Find out today in our Honest Pipes review.

Smoke Honest Products

Honest offers four products, including its The Path Pipe ($55), the new Capsule Water Pipe ($100), the Stashlight stash tube and lighter ($25), and the Debowler Tool ($9).

All products are available to purchase online through Here’s a breakdown of each product.

The Path Pipe ($55)

The Path Pipe

Honest Pipes is best known for The Path Pipe, a unique product that they market as a “smooth, reliable, portable, discreet, coughless” pipe.

You’ll immediately notice the distinct feature of The Path Pipe, which is a winding smoke path that cools and filters the smoke as it passes through, giving you an ultra-smooth draw.

The pipe has a sliding cover that lets you pack the bowl, then bring it securely on-the-go. When closed, the cover fully seals the bowl and smoke chamber, which contains all odors within the pipe.

The Path Pipe also has a built-in poker to ensure you can tackle clogged bowls or a dirty chamber.

Just like with the Capsule Water Pipe, you can expect high-quality components and materials. The pipe is made from aircraft grade aluminium with a tough, anodized finish. The company claims the pipe “will last forever”. There’s even a lifetime warranty to back up that promise.

The Path Pipe is originally priced at $75, although it’s on sale for $55. You can order in black or silver.

Capsule Water Pipe ($100)

Capsule Water Pipe (PRE-ORDER)

Currently available for preorder, the Capsule Water Pipe is a new Honest product with a unique, minimalistic design. While other water pipes focus on flashy colors and curves, the Capsule Water Pipe has a cylindrical, test-tube-style design. It looks like a professional water pipe. Honest calls it “minimal design with maximum functionality”:

“We set out to design a water pipe that looked good enough to earn a spot in our home- a bong that we wouldn't want to hide. The capsule system is elegant in design, and offers a variety of features you won't find anywhere else.”

The pipe comes apart for easy cleaning and storage. You can fold all components into the kit for convenient transportation, and all parts are dishwasher safe. There’s even a magnet in the lid of the kit to hold your lighter.

The pipe is made from shatter-resistant, borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum. The parts are modular, which means if any part does break, you can order a replacement part instead of buying a whole new pipe.

The kit is an all-in-one smoking solution. It comes with storage containers, an ash tray, herb grinder, and more, all of which stack inside the kit. Everything fits inside the three stacked containers for an ultra discreet setup at home, or inside the travel case for convenient transportation.

The Honest Capsule Water Pipe also has an optional swing-out base where you can store your herb. You can also use this base as a discreet ashtray.

You can order the Capsule Water Pipe in black or grey. It’s normally priced at $150, although its’s available for $100 as part of a pre-order special.

Stashlight ($25)


Honest’s Stashlight is a stash tube and lighter. It’s water-proof and smell-proof, making it an effective option for your pocket. It’s a hollow tube that can function as a “doob tube” or a stash container.

The tube holds joints up to 3.2” (83mm) long, which means it accommodates 1 to ¼ size cones and pre-rolls. It easily fits inside any pocket, and the durable aluminum construction will keep everything safe. It also attaches to a keychain, so it’s a portable option no matter how you plan to carry it.

Stashlight also comes with a wind-resistant refillable flint lighter. You can refill the lighter just by pulling the flint wheel and pouring lighter fluid into the cotton inside the lighter body. It accommodates standard lighter fluid – the same as a Zippo.

Stashlight is originally priced at $30, although it’s on sale for $25. You can buy it in black or silver.

Debowler Tool ($9)


Honest also offers a no-nonsense Debowler Tool for $9. The tool lets you unclog any standard-sized bowl by poking the debowler into the bowl hole.

This debowler is included with the Honest Path Pipe, although it works with any smoking accessory. If you’ve lost or broken your debowler, then you can order a replacement one through Honest.

About Honest Pipes

Honest Pipes, LLC is a San Clemente, California-based smoke shop launched to solve an issue with the smoking industry: dirty bongs and smelly hand pipes are annoying and unprofessional. They contribute to the “stoner” or “pothead” persona. As smoking becomes more common among all ages and demographics, there’s demand for more professional products.

Here’s how the company’s About Us page explains it:

“As young adults we never felt great smoking out of something that would label us as ‘potheads’.”

“We wanted to smoke out of something that gave us an elevated feel, something that when people saw it they would ask about it, rather then look down at it. This is where Smoke Honest started. We needed something to smoke out of that we weren't ashamed of, we needed modern smoking accessories, and we wanted to hold ourselves to a higher standard.”

You can contact Honest Pipes, LLC via the following:

  • Email Form:
  • Mailing Address: 63 Via Pico Plz, San Clemente, CA 92672

Smoke Honest Final Word

Honest Pipes is a smoke shop and accessory company known for three core products, including The Path Pipe, the Capsule Water Pipe, and the Stashlight. The Path Pipe cools and filters smoke along a winding path, creating a smooth smoking experience, while the Capsule Water Pipe may be the most professional-looking water pipe on the market.

Honest Pipes emphasizes minimalistic and professional design that bucks the trend of traditional smoke accessories. They also emphasize high-quality build, using aluminum, stainless steel, and shatter-resistant glass. All products come with lifetime warranties.

To learn more about Honest Smoke Shop and its accessories, visit online today at

Kim or ‘KimD’ is an experienced, astute full-time writer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature. While her professional path is in Commercial Real Estate as an Accredited Buyer’s Representative and the financial industry, she loves to elaborate exclusively about CBD health and wellness information here at COR and will be around for a long time to come.

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