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Grown Science Nano CBD Patch: Broad Spectrum Extra Strength Hydrogel



Grown Science Nano CBD Patch: Broad Spectrum Extra Strength Hydrogel

Formulated with a highly bioavailable form of Nano CBD and hydrogel, the Broad Spectrum Nano CBD reusable patch is more efficient at providing pain relief and delivering the other beneficial health effects of CBD. It should be placed straight onto the skin because this way, it bypasses the digestive system and allows the full absorption of the CBD, all while bringing this ingredient’s complete medicinal value.

The ONLY Hydrogel CBD Patch on the Market

The Broad Spectrum Nano CBD Patch is the only product of its kind to contain hydrogel. Having a high content of water, hydrogel is comfortable and soothing for the skin, not to mention it allows the products formulated with it to be reused because it doesn’t cause any irritation, so it can be used for a long period of time.

Why a Patch?

CBD enthusiasts from all around the world prefer CBD patches not only for their amazing health benefits, but also because they deliver these effects in a faster and more effective manner, as the CBD doesn’t pass through the digestive system and gets directly absorbed into the bloodstream in its purest form. CBD patches are perfect for those who don’t want to ingest their CBD or to make a mess with lotions and creams. Also, because they continuously deliver the miracle ingredient, CBD patches don’t have their users worrying about dosing.

How’s the Broad Spectrum Nano CBD Patch Made?

Formulated with the nano technology and hydrogel, the Broad Spectrum Nano CBD Patch is more effective, just because of the ways in which it’s formulated. The microscopic Nano CBD is very bioavailable, which means it gets absorbed into the bloodstream more efficiently. Furthermore, the hydrogel technology provides increased comfort and soothes the skin, which means it prevents irritation and allows the patch to be worn for longer periods of time without any problem. The Broad Spectrum Nano CBD Patch can be reapplied many times after removal because the hydrogel adhesive technology allows it to retain its adhesion.

What’s also great about it is that it has been tested in the laboratory to ensure potency and safety. It’s made in the USA, in a facility registered by the FDA, and contains no THC, which means it doesn’t give a high. Furthermore, it’s GMO-free and 100% natural. The ingredients in the patch are CBD oil, distilled water, canola oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, carrageenan and guar gum.

How to Use the Broad Spectrum Nano CBD Patch?

When it comes to using it, the Broad Spectrum Nano CBD Patch has to be applied on the clean and dry skin after removing its plastic liner. It should go straight on the area that’s painful and worn for as long as it’s needed. In order to remove it, its edges should be lifted so that it can be peeled back. After, it can be put back on its plastic liner to be used again. When not in use, the patch has to be stored in its bag, in a dry and cool place. Its adhesion can be improved by adding a drop of water to it before each use.

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