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Revive 2.0 CBD: Premium Plant-Powered Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

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Revive 2.0 CBD: Premium Plant-Powered Broad Spectrum CBD Oil
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Broad-spectrum CBD has gotten a lot of responsiveness in recent times, as it can deliver everything a full spectrum CBD solution carries, but without the added psychoactive properties. As research continues to find that CBD isn’t the only beneficial cannabinoid housed within the hemp plant, consumers have been on a constant search for a complete solution. One of these all-in-one solutions is Revive 2.0 Premium CBD Oil.

What makes Revive 2.0 Premium CBD desirable is the team’s goal of being as transparent as possible. This alone shows how committed they are in offering consumers nothing but quality. The purpose of this review, then, is to investigate Revive 2.0 Premium CBD’s potential in inducing calmness, clarity, deep sleep, and ease of pain among several others.

What is Revive 2.0 CBD?

Revive 2.0 Premium CBD is trusted as a premium broad-spectrum CBD oil. Its quality is credited to their proprietary “hybrid broad-spectrum” process that supposedly maximizes the CBD contents offered per 30ml bottle. Aside from delivering CBD, each serving is said to include a rich blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids and essential oils crucial for the entourage effect. As per the claims made, organic hemp was utilized for Revive 2.0 Premium CBD – grown and processed at farms and facilities based in the U.S.

Why Choose Broad-Spectrum CBD?

The main highlight of Revive 2.0 Premium CBD is its ability to produce the entourage effect. This simply implies that the entire hemp plant was used for extraction purposes, excluding THC. With more studies being conducted in this area, many trust that underestimated cannabinoids and flavor profiles in the form of CBN, CBC, CBG, and terpenes are equally medicinal, as is CBD.

Aside from its entourage effect, broad-spectrum CBDs are preferred because it gives manufacturers control over specific cannabinoid ratios, whereas, with pure CBD solutions, this leeway is relatively restricted. What's more is the apparent factor of not having to worry about THC ingestion. Namely, those interested in full-spectrum CBD, but hesitant about THC can find comfort in a solution like Revive 2.0 Premium CBD.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) about Revive 2.0 CBD

Q: How should Revive 2.0 Premium CBD be taken?

A: Individuals are recommended to either take Revive 2.0 Premium CBD orally (i.e. underneath the tongue), or directly as a topical onto one’s skin. Having said that, the Revive 2.0 team seems to stand by oral ingestion due to its immediate effects.

Q: What flavors does Revive 2.0 Premium CBD come in?

A: Revive 2.0 Premium CBD comes in mint and cinnamon flavors.

Q: Is Revive 2.0 Premium CBD protected by a refund policy?

A: At the time of writing, Revive 2.0 Premium CBD seems to have been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that a full refund can be requested on the purchase price within 30 days. That said, return shipping costs are customers’ responsibility.

Q: Will Revive 2.0 Premium CBD produce psychoactive effects?

A: No, Revive 2.0 Premium CBD does not elicit psychoactive effects because it is THC-free.

Q: How can one get in touch with customer service?

A: Customer service can be reached in the following ways through:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 (940) 215-5521
  • Address: 21059 S. Hwy 148 Henrietta, Texas 76365

Q: Is Revive 2.0 CBD affordable?

A: Currently, Revive 2.0 Premium CBD of 1000mg, and 1500mg broad-spectrum is going for $70 and $100, respectively. This falls well within the CBD market’s range; hence this respective solution is quite affordable.

Meet the team behind Revive 2.0 CBD

Revive 2.0 was started by a team of Native Texans who were excited to hear that hemp was finally legalized in their state. To ensure that bad players in the industry do not deceive consumers, the brand was allegedly founded with the following mission in mind:

“We want to stay on the cutting-edge advancements in technology and chemistry in our industry. We want to set the standard for the highest quality consumable goods on the market. We are dedicated to improving our country through education on CBD and the creation of innovative industrial CBD products.”

Revive 2.0 CBD Final Thoughts

Revive 2.0 Premium CBD is a broad-spectrum tincture formulated to maximize quality and overall effectiveness. Rather than focusing on CBD alone, the Revive 2.0 team made use of the entire hemp plant, which is said to carry a variety of medicinal properties.

Some of the features that make this respective brand attractive include its use of U.S.-grown, organic hemp, close to 33mg of hemp extract per serving (minimum), and the team’s emphasis on quality and reliability.

Speaking of quality, all Revive 2.0 products come with a certificate of analysis (CoA), which shows their commitment to not only quality, but also their eagerness in wanting to establish healthy, and reliable customer relations. Finally, the prices set are quite fair, especially given the solution’s high concentration. To learn more about Revive 2.0 Premium CBD, click here.

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