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MonthLeaf Cannabis Club: Puff Box, Edible Box, CBD Box And Sampler Box

Jane Summers




Those who enjoy cannabis products, and the convenience of a subscription service have a number of options available. When choosing a subscription service, it is best to opt for one that offers a wide-range of quality products, is affordable, reliable, and can mete user needs and expectations. The good news is that this review has a suggestion, and it is called the Monthleaf Cannabis Club.

About Monthleaf Cannabis Club

Monthleaf Cannabis Club is a Northern California-based subscription service that offers its customers the opportunity to customize, try, and explore various strains from multiple dispensaries. The process is simple, and the formulas come in convenient boxes and accessories that come with the benefit of having a membership.

Further, those who use the service can first start the process by taking a survey on the website. The survey can help users figure out what types of products may work best for them, so that they are receiving formulas that meet their needs and expectations.

The Box Options

There are a number of box options available in the Monthleaf Cannabis Club. Here are the boxes that users can choose from when joining this subscription service:

  • Puff Box

    The Puff Box is ideal for those who enjoy smoking and vaping cannabis products. Five to six various strains arrive in the box per month from the featured dispensary. In addition, this box includes cannabis-friendly accessories, a $10 coupon, and discount offers from local shops so that users have even more opportunity available.

  • Edible Box

    The Edible Box is ideal for those who enjoy tasty cannabis treats. The box comes with five to six edibles per month from the month’s featured dispensary. Like other boxes, this one also features the coupon. It also comes with deals from Sacramento local shops.

  • CBD Box

    The CBD Box is ideal for those who are looking to enjoy relaxing formulas that can help them destress at the end of the day. The box comes with five to six products from the month’s featured dispensary, a $10 coupon, and offers from local shops.

  • Sampler Box

    The Sampler Box is a mix of everything, plus the deals available with other boxes. Those who are looking for some variety and who enjoy cannabis products in various categories may want to consider this option.

How Does Monthleaf Work?

Before joining any subscription service, it can be beneficial to understand how it works. Here are the steps involved with this subscription service:

  • Select a box and customize it
  • Create an account to receive all of the perks
  • Receive the box in the mail on a monthly basis

The process for using the Monthleaf Club is simple, convenient, and it provides users with formulas that they can incorporate into their lifestyle with ease.


Overall, those who are interested in a CBD subscription service that features high-quality formulas that they can count on may want to consider giving Monthleaf club a chance. To learn more about this subscription service and to get started, just visit the brand’s website today.

Jane is a regular contributor who learned about the great benefits of CBD a few years ago after starting it herself. Impressed by its effects, she's interested in helping others learn about options that can be helpful for them.

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