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Lofty Labs Hemp Topical Creams: CBD Pain Relief Body Lotion




Hemp is an exciting and profoundly revolutionary compound that’s providing relief to many people all over the world. Lofty is a dedicated store where you can get topical hemp creams, oil tinctures, and even dog treats that are made with this exemplary hemp ingredient. The brand seeks to make wellness easy to achieve by only including simple, non-GMO, organic, and third-party tested ingredients. Learn more about Lofty in the following review.

About Lofty

Eric Vincent, the CEO, and founder of Lofty Labs suffered from disabling back pain for over two decades. He had tried a range of treatments without success, and the only thing that would eventually help get rid of his excruciating back pain was medicinal hemp. However, the issue was that the hemp creams and oils Eric used were messy and waxy. He also discovered the certain products were filled with unnecessary and risky ingredients.

Eric set out to create his batch of more absorptive and comfortable to use hemp oils and creams that were made from straightforward ingredients. With the help of an experienced chemist, he created one of the best hemp oil tinctures and topical creams available today. Lofty products are made using fresh, non-GMO, organic ingredients that have been extensively lab-tested. Also, the Lofty Paws dog treats have been specifically designed to promote dog well-being.

Lofty Topical Creams

Containing organic, full spectrum, fresh hemp, these Lofty Tropical Creams represent one of the most effective and purest ways of infusing hemp into cream forms. The bottles feature varying levels of hemp oil ranging from 250mg and 500mg to 750g. The creams have potent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits, which makes them ideal for dealing with lower back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, neck tension, knee pain, and so much more. Choose a stronger potency if you are looking to

Besides being active at pain and inflammation relief, these creams are also non-greasy and clean to apply. The customized cooling formula helps the cream to absorb into the skin for rapid, soothing relief quickly.


  • Fast and effective pain relief
  • The cream has a very mild natural fragrance
  • The creams don’t stain bed sheets or clothes
  • You can choose from 250mg, 500mg, and 750mg creams depending on the severity of pain

Lofty Hemp Oil Tinctures

These hemp oil tinctures by Lofty are the perfect product when you want immediate pain or anxiety relief. They are also straightforward to use as you only need to place a few drops below your tongue for fast absorption into the blood. You can rest assured that you’re only taking the cleanest and most effective hemp oil as Lofty uses the best CO2 extraction procedure to prevent harmful chemicals from entering its tinctures.


  • Quick absorption after ingestion
  • Ideal for treating seizures, convulsions, muscle spasms, pain and more
  • Different hemp oil potencies available, including 1000mg, 2200mg and 500mg

Lofty Paws Hemp Dog Treats

Like humans, dogs also experience anxiety, pain, and discomfort. Lofty Paws dog treats are made with Colorado-grown organic hem to improve the dog’s digestive system, inflammatory response, relieve pain, and also improve their mood. Most importantly, it is a tasty product that dogs enjoy eating.


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