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New HydroCanna CBD Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) Drink and Gummies Released



Taking care of your health and wellness is not easy, especially when maintaining an active and exerting lifestyle. The good news is that one brand has released some unique formulas that may be able to help. The brand called Drink HydroCanna.

HydroCanna is a wellness brand that infuses its products with cannabidiol. The brand’s hydrating formulas combine the restorative power of CBD with superior nutrient profiles that can aid individuals with an active lifestyle. All of the formulas are hemp-derived, free of THC, and have been tested by a third-party lab to ensure product safety and quality. As the brand explains on its website, it pledges to remain a “pioneer” in combining the sports market with the CBD industry.

Flagship Formulas

The brand’s hydrating line currently offers a flagship formula, which is CBD-Infused ORS Shots. The shots come in a pack of six. The ORS Shots are oral rehydration shots developed out of science, research, and rehydration solutions established by the World Health Organization. The CBD-infused shots can rehydrate your system effectively. A few of the main highlights of the product include:

  • 3:1 Sodium to Potassium
  • 5 major electrolytes
  • Broad-spectrum of CBD
  • No THC
  • Vitamin and wellness blend

There is also 25 mg of nano-CBD that may be able to provide users with an array of benefits, such as reducing muscle pain and inflammation, promoting a sense of wellbeing, improving nerve functionality, reducing anxiety, and combating physical symptoms associated with dehydration. Keep in mind that these are only potential benefits – like with most products, every person responds differently. Therefore, it may be best to add the product to one’s lifestyle to see if it works well for their needs.

In addition to the ORS Shots, the brand offers several other products, including:

  • CBD-Infused ORS Drink Sticks
  • CBD Vitagummies
  • HydroCanna Sample Box
  • CBD Holiday Wellness Box

Scientifically Tested Products

Importantly, the brand indicates on its website that its formulas are backed by “decades” of hydrating science and that the formulas adhere to strict requirements concerning oral rehydration solutions. The formulas are powerful and CBD-infused that are shown to effectively rehydrate one’s system. Specifically, the brand’s Vitamin Wellness Blend has a focus on nutrients that are commonly eliminated from the body during dehydration.

Overall, those who are looking for a brand that offers hydrating formulas may want to opt for Hydrocanna. To learn more, visit the brand’s website today.

Alexander G. Smith is an experienced researcher for both new health topics and science coverage. Being a seasoned Human Resources professional, his content writing skills have sharpened in the areas of workplace and business topics but loves to focus on wellness and natural alternatives here at TOC.

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