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Hemp Crate: Premium CBD Subscription Box with Organic Hemp Products

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Hemp Crate: Premium CBD Subscription Box with Organic Hemp Products
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Ever stop to wonder which CBD companies actually take the time to think of its customers’ health? Have you been concerned by how little information some brands share, especially when it comes to understanding dosage and individual uses?

The good news is, such questioning is crucial prior to each purchase. Why? For starters, CBD, also referred to as cannabidiol, is being attracted by those experiencing medical concerns. Given that it is being ingested, consumers need to be clear about what’s in it, not to forget how it works in the body.

That said, there’s a brand today that exists on the principles of offering quality CBD products, while educating consumers about the market and unveiling the different layers of the industry. This is none other than Hemp Crate Co.

What is Hemp Crate Co?

Established in 2018, Hemp Crate Co. stemmed into existence due to the CBD industry’s lack of transparency, which left consumers either concerned, losing money or both. The need for education is what the brand has been founded upon, leading to offering their respective subscription boxes.

What can be said about Hemp Crate Co’s Subscription Boxes?

Hemp Crate Co’s subscription boxes are supposedly created to help consumers decide on what products works for them. It starts off by selecting a crate carrying CBD products, and selecting the sub length, which is typically month-to-month or a 3- or 6-month prepaid subscription. Then, it is a matter of waiting within 48 hours for delivery.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the crates consumers can choose from:

The Hempa the Explorer ($44.99) subscription box holds anywhere between 4 and 6 products, ranging from oil tinctures, and bath bombs to pain rubs, capsules and sleep sprays among others. For those looking for a similar price, there’s also the Health & Wellness and the Furry Friends, where the former now indicates one or two specific products and the latter is deemed suitable for cats and dogs.

The next price up ($69.99) is considered a Pro subscription box, where the aforementioned $44.99 boxes are replaced with anywhere between 5 and 8 products instead of 4 to 6. These include the Hempa the Explorer Pro, Health and Wellness Pro and the Furry Friends Pro.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the concept behind Hemp Crate Co. is neat as it simplifies consumers decision-making process when choosing CBD products. What makes Hemp Crate Co’s approach superior to other similar services is that consumers can really research the products offered. This is not simply by looking at the descriptions they provide, but also by carefully reading the lab results made available. The latter is a great way to gain customer trust, as many brands today fail to inform consumers of what is truly in each capsule or tincture.

Another important facet to bear in mind is how flexible their subscription plan is. Should one choose to opt out completely or take a break, Hemp Crate Co. permits this, which is something consumers habitually have to fight for.

While it is clear as to the number of products that is expected with each crate, it is unclear as to whether or not consumers will know beforehand what’s in the boxes. That said, given how much focus has been placed on education and transparency, this confusion can be easily eliminated by simply reaching out to Hemp Crate Co.

Finally, the thoughtfulness behind Hemp Crate Co. deserves mention, as they supposedly offer additional discounts in the form of programs, which are tailored for veterans, those who are long-term medically disabled and those who fall at or below the low-income bracket.

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