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Garden Om Hemp: Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Two Beards Hemp Seed Oil Products,for Brands and Farmers




Lovers of CBD oil and farmers interested in the best hemp strains are always looking for the best hemp oils and cannabis strains available. For the CBD oil consumer who just loves enjoying its many benefits, full spectrum hemp or CBD oil from the purest sources are the real deal.

The same goes for farmers, only they would want to also cultivate theirs. And what better way to produce their own full spectrum CBD oils than through the use of highly optimized strains. This is what Garden Om Hemp Co provides.

What is Garden Om Hemp?

Located in the headquarter state of Cannabis, Colorado, Garden Om Hemp is a huge CBD operation centered around the production of bulk CBD oils for brands, best CBD strains for farmers and great CBD oil products for consumers.

The company was founded by two seasoned hemp and cannabis growers with 25 and 30 years’ experience respectively. They provide an integral service to the CBD community through their wide range of services.

They grow their hemp locally in the US, by farming out the process in small batches to farmers. Then, they buy back the products from them at above market rate, thus ensuring that the farmers have the incentive to stick to only the strains they provide them.

The company is dedicated to farmers’ wellbeing and prioritizes their needs. This is probably why their farmers are very loyal, stick to their incredibly high standards and produce only high-quality CBD oils.

Garden OM Hemp Products

The company currently has a few high CBD, low THC products that consumers and brands can choose from. These include:

  • Bulk CBD oil
  • Bottled CBD oil
  • Water-soluble CBD oil
  • Two Beards CBD oil

Bulk CBD Oil

This is a premium, full spectrum CBD oil product, extracted from organically grown, pesticide and heavy metal free hemp in the US. This oil can be purchased by brands looking to bottle their own CBD oils or just those looking for large quantities of premium CBD oil.

These contain mostly cannabidiol, and less than 0.3 percent THC. So, there’s zero chance of experiencing the psychoactive effects of the compound. This is ideal for customers who want large quantities of CBD oil as there’s a minimum order quantity. These come in concentrations of between 1 and 6.1 percent CBD. Brands can also request custom concentrations if they prefer.

Bottled CBD Oil

These are CBD oils that are uniquely bottled with droppers. Again, best suited for people looking to buy in large quantities as the company requires a minimum order quantity. These come in concentrations of between 750mg and 3000 mg.

Customers who prefer custom concentrations can also specify their requirements in their order. These can contain a wide range of ingredients, depending on your choice, thus ensuring that you never have to go through the stress of putting the ingredients together.

All you have to do is tell the company what you need and they’ll produce it based on your specifications. They’ll also pack and label this for you, so all you have to do is take delivery and start selling right out of the box.

Water Soluble CBD

They produce water-soluble CBD oils, therefore making it easy for people to enjoy CBD infused water.

CBD infused water is becoming increasingly popular because it helps users reap the benefits of CBD oil without necessarily tasting it in their water.

Two Beards CBD Oil

Full spectrum, retail CBD oil available to anyone looking to buy premium CBD oils. Can be bought individually or wholesale too.

This flavored oil is extracted from the best possible hemp strains and come with droppers. So, you can easily place a drop or two under your tongue, add to your coffee/tea or favorite drink and enjoy the benefits.

Garden Om Hemp Services

It is a complete operation that caters to all cadres of CBD users and producers. Brands can and currently purchase their white label CBD oils and brand them as they choose.

They also provide organically grown hemp clones and feminized seeds for farmers. Their genetics farm makes it possible for them to consistently research and breeds the best cannabis strains for maximum CBD oil potency and quality.

Benefits of Garden Om Hemp Co

Apart from the obvious health benefits of CBD oil, Garden Om Hemp is doing something awesome in the industry. Premium strains are made available to farmers to cultivate their products in small batches.

Then, the company buys it back from them, thus ensuring that the chain of supply is not tainted in any way. As a result, consumers get to enjoy only the best possible CBD oils available. More importantly, the guaranteed buyback of the farmers’ products at above-market prices ensures that never have to worry about sales and profits. This incentive keeps the supply line pure and untainted.

Our Final Thoughts on Garden Om Hemp Co

The company is offering a revolutionary service and should be commended for it. Their strains, combined with their consistent research, and direct connections to the farmers guarantees that customers who buy the oils get great value for their money, and enjoy premium non-tainted CBD oils.

So, whether you’re a regular customer who buys one or two bottles or a big brand that buys in bulk, Garden Om Hemp is an excellent source for your CBD oils.

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