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DayTrip Go Hemp-Infused CBD Energy Drink: Adaptogenic Vitamins Beverage



DayTrip Go Hemp-Infused CBD Energy Drink: Adaptogenic Vitamins Beverage

DayTrip Go, a new hemp infused, all natural energy drink that provides individuals with optimal quality, wellbeing and consistency, all while being incredibly tasty and refreshing. It’s the daily go-to optimizer for those who are always on the run and don’t have too much time to rest. While hemp is an ingredient used normally for relaxing and calming, it’s being used in the DayTrip Go energy drink with caffeine, so consumers have an energy boost without the nasty side effects of caffeine.

What Makes DayTrip Go So Special?

Here are the herbal compounds present in the DayTrip Go beverage’s ingredients, compounds known to bring about many health benefits and to keep energy levels balanced with no crashing afterwards that comes with some other energy drinks.


These are present in the all-natural and very powerful herbs with which DayTrip Go is made. They’re known to increase energy levels, endurance, the mental capacity and strength.


The caffeine in the DayTrip Go energy drink is obtained from guarana and green tea, not to mention 100% natural. It reduces fatigue and improves focus.

B Vitamins

The B vitamins in this beverage are very helpful at keeping the nervous system healthy, especially during periods of stress.


The Hemp is  legally grown industrial hemp and authorized by a state-licensed farm in California. The DayTrip Go beverage is all-organic and has the already well-known health benefits of reducing inflammation, stopping chronic pain and prolonging the effects of natural caffeine.

Ingredients and Taste

DayTrip Go with just 20 calories and 0g of fat and formulated with natural ingredients such as water, guarana extract, allulose, L-citrulline, CBD extract, citric acid, lime extract, L-tyrosine, green tea extract, L-theanine, organic extract from the Rhodiola Rosea, all B vitamins, coconut and many others. It has the original flavor of Raspberry with a light taste of lime and a fruity punch. Allulose makes it sweet and is obtained from raising and figs, so it has 10 times less calories than sugar. Created with the Daytrip’s Foliole Nexus Technology, DayTrip Go has small-enough compound particles to be easily absorbed by the body. As an added note to consumers considering purchasing the DayTrip Go beverages, the Daytrip Go label lists tree nuts in their ingredients,

“the oil to create the hemp-infusion is made with coconut oil. If you are, or think you may be allergic to coconuts please consult your physician before consuming Daytrip.”

Purchasing DayTrip GO

DayTrip Go is available for purchase on the official website at:

Sold in 12oz cans and in 12 packs for $59.00 and includes free shipping

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