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Charlotte’s Web Gummies Launches as Hemp-Infused CBD Supplements for Relaxation and Sleep



Charlotte's Web Gummies

Charlotte’s Web is a company that creates supplements that have whole-hemp extracts in three different remedies to support consumers. The treatments can be purchased directly from the company’s website right now.

What is Charlotte’s Web Gummies?

Hemp extracts are growing in popularity right now, and there are many companies that are creating treatments that are helpful to consumers. The chemicals found in hemp are supposed to be therapeutic to the body, activating various processes, depending on the terpenes and other factors. However, one of the complaints that consumers consistently have is about the taste. With Charlotte’s Web, consumers can actually enjoy the taste with fruity, botanical, and other flavors.

Charlotte’s Web develops formulas that cater to the needs of consumer, providing formulas that capitalize on the primary uses of hemp extract. The treatments are not meant to replace medications provided by a professional, but they can support users in a safe and healthy way. According to the official website, the purpose of this company is “to better the planet and the people living upon it.”

There are a few different variations of the gummies that will allow the user to get different effects. The treatments are all natural, and there is no indication that they are unsafe to use together. Those available options include:

  • Sleep
  • Recovery
  • Calm

The Sleep formula is combined with melatonin and CBD to help usher the user into relaxing and natural sleep. The formula only includes 3mg of melatonin with each serving, and the hemp included is entirely full-spectrum extract. The formula does not force the user to sleep like a medication would but creates a soothing environment for the user to sleep. The formula is available for $54.99.

The Recovery formula helps consumers to soothe their inflammation in their muscles after exercising. The formula has a combination of ginger, turmeric, and whole-plant hemp extract. The formula is designed to help the user with joint strength, and each bottle comes with 60 capsules. The formula also helps with healthy joints and better mobility.

The Calm formula is supposed to help users cope with stress and improve focus. The formula provides a combination of lemon balm, L-theanine, and the whole-hemp extract. The formula comes in a 60-count bottle as well, and is $54.99 per bottle, like the other two formulas. According to the website, this treatment is meant for relieving the typical stressors of daily life, while handling the user’s anxiety, though it is no replacement for clinically prescribed medication. While it provides calmness in a similar way to the Sleep formula, it doesn’t make the user drowsy.

Users have the opportunity to request automatic shipments for a 5% discount.

How Do They Help?

All products created by Charlotte’s Web are made without dyes or additives, but they are all filled with whole-plant hemp extracts. Hemp is separate from the cannabis plant, but it contains no THC. The formulas create certain reactions from the body that only hemp can elicit. Instead of giving the user the sensation of feeling “high,” these remedies are meant to exclusively be used in a therapeutic fashion.

As users take formulas with hemp, Charlotte’s Web explains that the purpose of their company is to “serve as nature’s stewards,” giving consumers the opportunity to try the remedy for themselves.

Using Charlotte’s Web Gummies

The instructions for the gummies will vary by person. For instance, with the Sleep formula, the company recommends that users take the supplement about 30 minutes before they plan to go to bed for the night, due to the drowsiness it will naturally stimulate. Furthermore, users are encouraged to stay away from operating machinery, much in the same way that a medication would recommend.

To get the benefits of the Recovery formula, the user should consume two of the gummies each day, though the company recommends taking the formula before or after exercising. The Calm formula can be used in the same dosage, though the website recommends taking the formula on an as-needed basis.

Considering that these supplements are made with hemp, as safe as it is, the formulas are not meant for children.

Contacting Charlotte’s Web

With any new substance, it is important for consumers to learn as much as they can before they make their purchase. If there are other questions on this product, the customer service team can be reached by visiting the website and sending a message with their online form.

All products from Charlotte’s Web come with a 30-day “satisfaction guarantee,” allowing users to return the product for a full refund if it does not meet their needs.

Charlotte's Web Gummies Summary

Charlotte’s Web Gummies are helpful to consumers that want to soothe their body with treatments that are more natural and easier to handle in the body. The formulas are easy for any adult to use, and do not require the approval of a doctor beforehand. However, if the user presently has any medication prescribed to them, it is in their best interest to speak with their doctor before adding one of the gummies to their daily remedies.

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