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Plus CBD Oil: CBD Company News and Product Review Updates

Plus CBD Oil: CV Sciences' Hemp Cannabidiol Balm, Spray, Drops, Gummies and Soft Gels

pluscbd oil

Plus CBD Oil is a company that produces a variety of CBD-based treatment for both internal and external use. The treatments can be purchased from the website exclusively, based on whether a particular state has authorized the use of the remedy. None of the treatments require a subscription.

What Is Plus CBD Oil?

The CBD industry is quickly growing, and for a good reason. The industry has started to thrive even more after the recent regulations that multiple state have implemented policies that allow for the use of medicinal and recreational cannabis. However, CBD doesn’t provide the same psychoactive effects that THC does, which has made it more widely acceptable to all 50 states. There are many companies looking to get into the industry, but each one has their own ways of making their products more attractive to consumers. Plus CBD Oil, for example, has multiple types of CBD products that allow consumers to use CBD for both internal and external benefits.

The way that Plus CBD Oil sets themselves apart from others is that they have a different processing technique. With a CO2 extraction method, which includes no chemicals, the company manages to develop remedies that are high in purity and potency. This method is a cold process that allows the plant to release the chemicals, rather than heat. The heat that other companies use runs the risk of destroying the oils that they purchased in the first place. This is a process often used in the supplement industry to preserve nutrients and is considered “Generally Regarded as Safe by the FDA.”

Within the Plus CBD Oil brand, consumers have the benefit of thorough testing for their formulas, ensuring that they have the quality that the company advertises. However, the key to proving their quality is not found in the testing in the company, but the fact that they use a third party to follow up with their testing. To add to the testing, any customer can request a Certificate of Analysis at any time for any product.

Plus CBD Oil Products

With all of these protocols in place to ensure a quality product, consumers will want to know exactly what they can buy. All of the remedies are divided into:

Oral Applicators, Capsules and Sprays

plus cbd capsules and drops

Oral: The oral applicators from Plus CBD Oil offer the highest concentration of CBD per dose of any of the remedies offered online. They exclusively contain CBD oil, featuring no other ingredients, sweeteners, etc. There are two remedies – Total Plan T Complex and Gold Form ULA, starting at $22.91 and $36.51 respectively.

Sprays: The CBD-based spray is a blend that allows consumers to have a touch of this soothing power in a meal. It is blended into an extra-virgin olive oil, which is priced between $19.51 and $57.76. There are several flavor options, but there are also strength options as well to meet the users needs.

Capsules: The CBD oil capsules allows consumers to have the benefits of a concentrated dosage, but without the need to taste it. Each capsule offers either 10mg or 15mg of CBD, which is determined at the purchase. Presently, the only variation available starts at $25.46.

Softgel: Some consumers don’t like the way that CBD oil tastes, which is why Plus CBD Oil has developed an encapsulated form. This treatment includes the basic oil capsules, ranging from $25.46 to $59.46, which is available in multiple variations.

This category also includes raw soft gels and the “Gold Formula.” The raw version, starting at $25.46, comes from agricultural hemp and has the fullest spectrum of the natural benefits that come from this extract. The Gold Formula features a concentrated amount of the CBD oil from agricultural hemp and starts at $16.96.

Topicals and Roll-on

plus cbd balms and gummies

Balms: The CBD balms are meant to nourish the skin as a topical remedy. The texture makes it easy for the skin to absorb, bringing healing to it efficiently. Presently, there’s the original balm for $30.56, or an extra-strength variation for $44.16.

Drops: The CBD oil drops offer all of the benefits that the oral applicators do, but in a dropper bottle that consumers can alter the dose of. The Gold formula provides an extra step in the refinement process and is available for $35.66. The Raw drops provide a full spectrum of the hemp extract and was created with the CO2 method. The price of the raw formula begins at $19.51.

Concentrate: The CBD oil concentrates specifically offer a purified version of the compound that are meant more for experienced consumers, considering their intense potency. More specifically, because the dose is so intense, consumers that already know the potency level and dosage that work for them would be most satisfied with this remedy. The variations go from 5mg to 17mg of CBD, though the concentrates appear to be only available in an oral applicator.

Contacting Plus CBD Oil

With all of the details provided to consumers, there may be a need for clarification on the remedies. The customer service team offers both a phone number and email address to get in touch.

  • Phone number: 855-758-7223
  • Email address:

Presently, hours of operation are not listed online.

Plus CBD Oil Conclusion

Plus CBD Oil offers a wide variation of products, and their cold processing allows consumers to get the highest and purest version of CBD possible. The different application methods also make it easy for users to figure out the right dose and format for themselves, treating their body with a natural substance that is easy for the body to absorb.

Consumers that are new to the CBD industry will also find support on the website for beginners that are looking to expand their knowledge under “CBD Education.” At this link, consumers can learn about the receptors in the body that respond to supplemented CBD, and the various ways that CBD can reduce anxiety, soothe inflammation, and provide a generally improved demeanor.

Plus CBD Company News Updates

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