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FlowerChild: CBD Company News and Product Review Updates

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FlowerChild: Herbal CBD Oil Tinctures, Topical Salves, CBG and Edibles Products


At FlowerChild, it’s all about helping people so they can help themselves. They achieve this by providing people with information concerning CBD and CBG, and their benefits. They also create high-quality hemp products to generate boundless ripples of health, empowerment and positivity for all who need it.

How are FlowerChild Products Tested?

All FlowerChild products undergo a thorough testing by third party certified laboratories. This is to ensure that the Hemp extract potency is consistent in every batch and is of the highest quality. The ingredients used also undergo rigorous testing before incorporating them in any FlowerChild product.

CBD 700tincture 1OZ Natural

This tincture is a product of full spectrum hemp extract. This means that flowers and leaves are pressed and the useful compounds extracted using food grade alcohol. The alcohol is then cooked out to remain with pure black oil that is packed in nutrients. Flavonoids and terpenes together with all the other important compounds are retained. For different blends, the hemp extract is added to varying amounts of grape seed oil.

CBG & CBD 900 Blend Tincture

This product contains 50/50 of each of the constituent compounds. The manufacturing process is similar to that of the 700mg CBD tincture. It comes in peppermint and natural hemp flavors and a ton of benefits linked to both CBG and CBD. When dealing with chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and sadness, a dropper-full of this tincture is all you require to gain relief. The natural flavor is earthy and bitter while the peppermint flavor adds a refreshing twist for the taste buds.

CBD PM Tincture

This product is a favorite when you have had a long day and desire nothing but a night full of restful sleep. It calms the mind and brings a soothing effect that aids in achieving the required amount of sleep. Getting a good night sleep guarantees you wake up fully recharged and refreshed and ready to face a new day and with confidence that only CBD can induce.

Where to Buy FlowerChild Products

FlowerChild is online and available four days a week Monday to Thursday. They can assist you in the best way possible by answering all your queries. You can contact them by login in to their website that has all their contact details.

Final Words

For the highest quality CBD tinctures and other products, stop by the FlowerChild online shop and make your orders today. Hemp extract products have been used for centuries and their benefits are boundless.

FlowerChild News Updates

  • Location: Colorado
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Online Web Support: Yes
  • Phone Number: 970-985-4003
  • Official Website:

This review will be updated as more news become available and inquires get answered. Please leave a quick comment with feedback bellow with any questions or suggestions.

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