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CBD For Life: Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil Tinctures, Rubs, Sprays And Beauty Products



CBD For Life

In today’s society, plant-based supplements and diets have become of great interest. While some argue that the nutrients housed within plants aren’t enough for humans, several others have disproved this statement. Of all the plants existing to date, the one in which hemp comes from has become the topic of discussion because of its various components called cannabinoids. In particular, the one to stand out is that of cannabinol (CBD).

CBD has proven to bring endless benefits from anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic properties to mood enhancing and sleep promoting properties to name the smallest possible fraction. The market is starting to expand in ways that continue to flourish consumers’ knowledge while offering ways to improve one’s overall health. We’ve seen oils, vapes, and even fitness supplements infused with CBD. This review will look at another industry that seems to benefit from CBD and that is none other than the beauty industry.

CBD For Life claims to carry the necessary beauty essentials with a CBD twist added. This analysis will explore CBD For Life’s different facets as well as its foundation to better understand the benefits it has for consumers.

What Is CBD For Life?

CBD For Life is a brand that focuses on offering consumers quality, luxurious CBD-infused beauty and pain management essentials. The CBD content is supposedly derived from industrial hemp, which is preferred considering that it contains as little as 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Why is THC a problem? Many oppose the use of CBD because they assume it is associated with THC, which is a mind-altering component. With a lot of educational material present on CBD and how it is nearly the opposite of THC, more consumers are willing to give it a try. This being said, one must be cautious of CBD use, as not all are made with quality and pureness in mind. To see what makes CBD For Life unique, further analysis on the products offered is required.

What Can Consumers Expect From CBD For Life?

CBD For Life’s primary focus appears to be on beauty essentials (i.e. skin and body), followed by health and apparel.


In terms of beauty, consumers can expect a wide range of options for products including face and body cleansers, foot creams, lip balms, and shampoos and conditioners.

For instance, CBD For Life offers the Pure CBD Face and Body Cleanser,” is supposedly beneficial for cleaning pores while providing the skin with essential anti-inflammatory properties. If consumers are interested in lip balms, the “Pure CBD Lip Balm,” might be interesting to consider as the use of CBD is said to condition and moisturize cracked lips, while enhancing suppleness. Suppleness is something many yearn for and most average lip balms do not seek to achieve this.

Similarly, the “Pure CBD Shampoo,” has been formulated to provide essential moisture and strength to one’s hair. In addition to CBD, the shampoo, which should be paired with their “Pure CBD Conditioner,” also contains essential oils such as lemongrass and coconut oils for optimal support and smoothness.

Anyone who has long work hours or find themselves having to stand for long hours may benefit from the “Pure CBD Foot Cream,” which claims to help with ridding one’s feet of soreness, pain and inflammation. It has been recommended for ankle massages as well for calming effects.


CBD For Life’s Health category consists of a wide range of solutions in the form of tinctures, roll-ons, rubs, and oral sprays. It appears to be created in a way that supports convenience for those who are constantly on the go!

For those who are unaware, a CBD tincture is a liquid supplement that is created by cooking CBD left in a strong alcoholic base over long periods of time. Again, tinctures do not produce any form of psychoactive effects, but its medicinal effects can hit as soon as 20 minutes (depending on whether or not one had a meal prior to its ingestion).

The tinctures offered by CBD For Life come in a CBD strength of 600mg, which is equivalent to 20mg per serving – pretty strong considering that most CBD brands start as low as 10mg per serving. Furthermore, the CBD content found includes CBD isolate (purest form of CBD) and phytocannabinoid (which have not been specified). It only comes in one flavor, and it is peppermint.

Consumers who prefer topical solutions can try the “Pure CBD Roll-On Oils,” which are currently offered in lavender, lemongrass and natural scents. This product is ideal for immediate pain relief as opposed to oral ingestion, which takes time for the entire body to feel. As per CBD For Life, some of the best uses one can make of the roll-ons include muscle, joint and neck pain relief along with headaches and migraines. An alternative to the roll-ons is the “Pure CBD For Life Rubs,” which come in the exact same three flavors.

Are CBD For Life Products Affordable?

Based on the price listing, it appears like CBD For Life’s secondary focus is to ensure that consumers of financial backgrounds can benefit from the use of CBD-infused products. The prices range from $25 to $75, which is significantly low compared to existing competition. Given that consumers are confident with CBD For Life Products, bundle purchases are also available, which group together beauty essentials, healthcare essentials and pain relief essentials under different packages. In this case, said bundles range anywhere between $45 and $180.

CBD For Life Summary

CBD For Life’s aim towards bringing awareness on CBD’s benefits within the beauty industry is definitely praiseworthy considering the fact that not all CBD companies take that direction. As opposed to oral ingestion, topical solutions are believed to bring maximum results because of their immediate effects as opposed to the former’s prolonged effects.

Another advantage CBD For Life has over its competition is the different forms of CBD that they were able to bring to the table, i.e. shampoos, conditioners, lip balms, rubs, roll-ons, oral sprays, etc. Additionally, their pricing makes it affordable for the mass population. Lastly, their commitment to educate consumers on CBD and their benefits is well reflected in the blog section of their website, which include the different uses of CBD, its positive effects on skin, social life and fun facts to name the least.

A downside that consumers may feel regarding CBD For Life is their lack of information when it comes to the CBD content. While some products do exhibit the strength, many others, especially the beauty and topical solutions do not.

This may or may not be a problem depending on the requirements of the firm, but with a lot of uncertainties still existing within consumers, if not lab results, at least the amount of CBD present in said solutions should be provided. Another reason why it is important for products to have CBD content available is to allow consumers to assess their tolerance level and cut or increase as needed.

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