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CBD Oil Legality in Pennsylvania: Cannabidiol State Law Regulations in PA, USA

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CBD Oil Legality in Pennsylvania

Recreational users of cannabis and CBD in Pennsylvania have always had a particularly tough time navigating the rough legal waters of the state. In addition to having to contend with Pennsylvania-specific laws, constituents in this state are forced to figure out how federal law and state/local laws interact to form a complex legal framework.

For one thing, the federal Farm Bill was supposed to legalize the entirety of the industrial hemp industry in all fifty states. The industrial hemp industry is responsible for the production of hemp-derived CBD and other products. The market for such products has exploded in recent years, as medical professionals and advocates all over the country continue to release more and more information on the potential benefits of hemp and cannabis derived CBD products.

But not all states and local jurisdictions have viewed the Farm Bill in the same light. Luckily for Pennsylvania users of CBD and other hemp-derived products, this particular state has embraced the law and instituted their own industrial hemp pilot program, making it relatively easy and entirely legal for citizens over the age of eighteen to access hemp-derived low-THC CBD within the state.

Nevertheless, this resource should not be construed as legal advice, and readers are urged to conduct their own research to ensure that they remain within the confines of local, state, and federal laws.

Pennsylvania CBD Laws

In Pennsylvania, Cannabis and marijuana law comes down to two essential pieces of legislation. The first of these to hit the books was the state’s medical cannabis law, Senate Bill 3, in 2016. This legislation is common now in most American states, and it enables patients with select conditions to gain access to high quality medical marijuana if their doctor provides a written document explaining that the cannabis is necessary to their individual treatment plan.

But the state did not stop there. As the benefits of CBD for potentially treating a variety of different conditions became more clear, public interest in the substance hit an all-time-high last year, prompting states like Pennsylvania to act promptly. Additionally, the previous passage of the federal Farm Bill made the legalization of the industrial hemp industry a no-brainer for most legislators.

In Pennsylvania, the passage of changes to the state’s statutory code sections 3.701 to 710 legalized the industrial hemp industry through the industrial hemp pilot program. The inclusion of the “pilot program” phrasing is effectively a formality, and most legal analysts tend to believe that the state has completely legalized the industry—likely for good.

Age Requirements For CBD In Pennsylvania

For the general industrial hemp CBD purchases, age requirements are typically eighteen years. Most shops will not sell to anyone under this age, although some smoke shops bump the age requirement up to twenty-one as a result of store policy or local laws and norms. For the most part, consumers should expect to present an I.D. to ensure that they are over the age of eighteen at most retailers selling hemp CBD products.

For medical-grade CBD, age requirements work a bit differently. In the state of Pennsylvania, doctors are only allowed to issue a medical marijuana recommendation to minors if they secure the consent of the parent or legal guardian of the patient before doing so. This means that minors can technically gain access to medical marijuana, but this is typically reserved for the most debilitating of medical conditions. Minors interested in trying high-THC CBD should consult their physician to see if it might be a potential aspect of treatment.

Where To Find Pennsylvania CBD

The availability of CBD in Pennsylvania depends mainly on the type of CBD being purchased. CBD with a high THC content will generally only be sold in medical marijuana dispensaries, and the purchase of these items will require that the customer present a signed document from their physician dictating the necessity of the marijuana for their ongoing treatment plan.

For all other types of CBD with lower THC contents below the threshold set by the state, consumers do not have to look far to get what they need. Many smoke and head shops, health and wellness stores, gas stations, and even average convenience stores will have CBD of variable application methods available to sell to legal adults.

Types Of CBD In Pennsylvania

The main distinction between types of CBD in Pennsylvania when it comes to legal questions is clearly the THC content. Only CBD below a certain threshold of THC content can be sold under the industrial hemp pilot program law. All CBD with higher THC content must be sold exclusively as medical cannabis, which invokes a new set of rules and regulations regarding possession and distribution of the substance.

Buying CBD Online in Pennsylvania

It is currently legal to purchase CBD online in the state of Pennsylvania. There are no laws on the books banning the practice, although consumers must ensure that the CBD they order online does not exceed legal limits presented in the industrial hemp pilot program laws.

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