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Brass Knuckles OG: Premium Cannabis Oil Extract Products and Vape Cartridges



Brass Knuckles OG

The use of cannabinol (CBD) has increased in recent times due to the positivity surrounding it. More specifically, many consumers from the US alone have experienced CBD’s medicinal properties in practice – whether it be to ease physical pain, headaches or even mild seizures.

All this being said, the type of relief is dependent on the way CBD is consumed along with the symptom that needs to be eliminated. By considering consumption alone, vaping is said to bring effects within minutes compared to orally ingesting oil – taking anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes.

The purpose of this review is to introduce Brass Knuckles OG, a brand dedicated to bringing consumers exception CBD-infused essentials. To see how they differ from the average CBD vaping brand, factors such as reason for existence, product line, and its overall benefits will be assessed.

What Is Brass Knuckles OG?

Brass Knuckles OG is a California-based firm popularly known for their fire grams and oil cartridges – fundamentals for the utmost vaping experience. They also pride themselves in offering exquisite flavors and potency levels that make a positive difference in one’s mind and body.

As per the claims made, the necessary measures have been taken to ensure that impactful and potent CBD strains have been extracted and tested for purity and cleanliness. Ultimately, resulting in cartridges that carry 1gram of CBD, which is one of the highest concentration levels (right below 1.5g) of CBD witnessed. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of cartridges available.

Brass Knuckles OG Products

Indica Cartridges

Indica is one of the major types of cannabis plants that exist. It is principally known for its ability to promote an enhanced level of body relaxation.

This respective line of cartridges comes in six unique flavors each having their own effect. For instance, Blueberry promotes a sense of relaxation while helping to rid one of discomfort (i.e. both mentally and physically). Other pain relief cartridges include the SFV OG, which is recommended for daily use – as it eases pain while keeps one moving and Do-Si-Dos – which relieves pain while promoting a calming effect.

Grape God, which contains a sweet grape flavor is similar to the Blueberry, as it relieves stress and eases one’s mood. What makes it slightly different from the former is that it promotes restful sleep. Keeping sleep in mind, Tahoe OG also helps but with a lemony touch. It also promotes a sense of europhic feel.

Finally, those who simply want to attain a positive and happy mood, the Skywalker OG is an appropriate pick considering its focus on cerebral health. It supposedly contains traces of THC (psychoactive properties), which are said to contribute towards one’s relaxed and stress-free feel.

Sativa Cartridges

While Indica focuses on alleviating the body to a celestial level, Sativa is a type of cannabis plant devoted to attaining increased energy levels in consumers. Brass Knuckles OG currently offers seven unique flavors, which appear to have been infused with some aspects from Indica.

First, we have Blue Dream, which promotes a calm euphoria with a sweet touch to it. Then there’s Jack H, which offers more of an earthy taste to the overall stress relieving experience. Followed by Maui, which takes on Hawaiian strains. Given its Hawaiian touch, consumers can expect a tropical feel, which is said to eliminate headaches over an extended period of time. Unlike the previous two, Maui is more calming than energizing.

Both the Sour Apple and Sour Diesel are related because of their pungent aroma. Also, both work in promoting relaxation and ridding one of stress. An interestingly called one is the Strawberry Cough, which might make one immediately think of cough syrup. It supposedly leaves one feeling exceptionally happy. Finally, the Tangie consists of a tangerine flavor that leaves the body feeling relaxed.

Hybrid Cartridges

As obvious as this may sound, this line of cartridges contains hybrid strains, which are typically a mix of Sativa and Indica genetics – implying that the overall experience might be a mix of body and mind-relaxing and either or. Some of the type of hybrid strains that exist include Blue Dream, GSC, OG Kush, Original Glue, White Widow and Pineapple Express to name the least.

As for the type of hybrid strains Brass Knuckles OG carries, they have fixated on five. The first is Banana OG, which combines OG Kush and Banana. Next, the Forbidden Fruit is a cross between Cherry Pie and Tangie and has the potential to leave one feeling well rested from head to toe. Gelato contains hybrid strains that lean more towards eliminating body pain with a sweet touch. Following the Forbidden Fruit are the GG4 and GSC, which center more on Sativa-related benefits such as a sense of europhia, excitement, etc.

Limited Editions

The limited editions include cartridges that are either Indica-dominated hybrid, an equal combination of Indica and Sativa or Sativa-dominated hybrid. In particular, one can choose between Brass Woods, Gushers by Connected Cartridge, Kush Kola, Napalm OG, Abracadabra and Los Angeles Kush.

Brass Knuckles OG Final Thoughts

Based on the analysis above, it is clear that Brass Knuckles OG places great emphasis on offering a wide range of flavors and cannabis strains to ensure one’s vaping experience is complete. Of all the CBD-infused vaping brands to date, this respective brand has managed to combine body and mind relaxing effects with options to pick cartridges that focus more on one specific health concern over another.

As per the claims made, all products have been lab tested and have since been concluded to be free of pesticides – unfortunately the actual results have not been made available. This can be because of two reasons, first, it may not be a requirement of said firms, and second, Brass Knuckles OG only sells their essentials to licensed shops in California and Nevada, hence said details do not necessarily need to be readily available through them.

Finally, whether it is economical or not cannot be directly assessed as their prices are not available for the average consumer. This being said, it can either go both ways considering the 1g of CBD strains found within each cartridge.

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