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Blue Ridge Hemp: CBD Skincare Gel, Salves, Lotions, Essential Oils, Bath Bombs, Scrubs and Pain Rubs

Jane Summers



Blue Ridge Hemp
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About Blue Ridge Hemp

According to the brand's website, it has “taken Industrial Hemp derived CBD and combined it with other ethically and sustainably sourced Terpene rich botanicals to form [its] products.”

Terpene-Rich Formulas

Blue Ridge Hemp provides terpene-rich formulas. For those who are unaware, and as the brand explains, “Terpenes are a large and diverse class of organic molecules that are presented in Cannabis and a wide variety of plants. Terpenes account for aromas and flavors produced by the essential oils of many types of plants.” A few of he most common terpenes include linalool, limonene, myrcene, and A-Piene. The terpenes in the formula work to encourage the therapeutic entourage effect.

The entourage effect “is the synthetic effect that results when various natural components within a plant interact together within the human body to produce different, often stronger, effects than caused by any one of those components used alone.”

The Brand’s Products

Dissimilar from most brands on the market, Blue Ridge Hemp’s formulas do not come in the form of tinctures. Rather, the brand focuses no offering formulas that either come in edible form or as a topical. Here are the main product categories and some formulas that users may find within those categories:

CBD Topicals

Blue Ridge CBD Topicals are creams and lotions that users can apply to their skin to experience the soothing effects of CBD.  Here are a few topical formulas that users may want to consider:

  • CBD Infused Gel 20Z 200 MG CBD

    This gel formula is “recommended for all-over use as needed.” The formula should be applied to the area of discomfort. The formula rubs in dry, which could mean that less residue.

  • CBD Infused Roll-On Essential Oil Blend

    This product is a soothing roll-on product that is recommended for use on the “back of neck, temples, and feet as needed.” The product features ingredients that are recognized for their ability to calm tension, relax the spirit, promote relaxation and peace, and to promote a restful night’s sleep. Like all of the brand’s products, there is an ingredient list on the formula’s specific webpage.

  • CBD Bath Bomb Joint Care 60 MG CBD

    The brand’s bath bombs are formulated in limited quantities. The products may be able to address joint pain an inflammation. Further, they are very easy to use. The bath bombs sizzle in the bath, dissolve, and when one bathes, it will soak into the skin and provide users with the support they need to feel better.

  • CBD Coconut Oil

    The brand’s CBD coconut oil is a formula that is a versatile addition to anyone’s pantry. The coconut oil is infused with CBD so that users can experience the therapeutic effects and benefits that it has to offer. Users can cook with this coconut oil or even add it to baked products.

  • Golden Spiced CBD Ghee

    This ghee is perhaps one of the most unique formulas that the brand offers. It is infused with CBD and seasoned with a warm medley of spices.

Keep in mind that there are no guarantees concerning the products’ performance. Rather, they work on a case by case basis and depending upon how well one uses them per the instructions.

All information is for general informational and educational purposes only. Nothing should be interpreted as legal or wellness advice.

Jane is a regular contributor who learned about the great benefits of CBD a few years ago after starting it herself. Impressed by its effects, she's interested in helping others learn about options that can be helpful for them.

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