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Bella CBD Skin Products: Crema Elegante, Occhi Vivaci, Crema Da Notta And Olio Lusso



Bella CBD Skin Products

Are you tired of having to deal with dry, inflamed and itchy skin? Is the pain caused by swelling areas becoming a nuisance and bringing down your confidence level?

The skin is the largest part of the body and is responsible for protecting one’s bodily functions. When proper care isn’t given, consumers are giving opportunities to free radicals and toxins to damage one’s overall health. Interestingly, the use of cannabidiol (CBD) has been deemed effective in treating various skin conditions primarily due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties. This is where Bella comes into play.

Bella involves the use of cannabinoids to treat various skin conditions. It originally stemmed from a personal experience, and today, its CEO has been awarded multiple awards that no other CBD brand or leader was able to attain. The following review will look closely at Bella in relation to its purpose, diversity in essentials and its overall affordability.

What Is Bella?

Founder, Krista Whitley created Bella due to a personal concern that her daughter, Bella was experiencing. In particular, Whitley grew tired of her eldest daughter’s fight against eczema and how it deteriorated her confidence level. As a mother, she felt inclined to do whatever it takes to keep her daughter happy, hence her decision to come up with the Bella line of skincare products.

The goal behind this said brand is to help improve and ease skin discomfort in the purest way possible. Let’s see what Whitley has managed to achieve with the motivation she had in her to bring feasible solutions that the current health system did not seem to fully attain.

What Does Bella Offer?

Bella seems to offer a wide range of female-oriented essentials including personal lubricants, shampoos and shower gels, bath bombs, conditioners, night creams, tinctures several types of face and massage oils. In order to get a sense of what Bella entails amidst its extensive line, an analysis of some of its products will be provided right down below:

Sale Da Bagno

Sale Da Bagno was created to help relieve stress via bathing. In particular, it contains a rich source of Himalayan Salt and hemp-derived botanical oils to not only relieve stress but primarily, for bodily pain. As per the claims made, all products offered contain less than 0.3% of THC (mind-altering compound). Consumers can either choose between purchasing 2 ounces or 16 ounces, which range between $15 and $50 respectively.

Olio Per Massaggio

Similar to the Sale Da Bagno, this respective massage oil tends to one’s pain, stress and tension. It supposedly contains 250mg of CBD per a 4-ounce bottle and the scents that one can choose between include Rose, Tropicale and Unscented. As for its prices, it ranges anywhere between $10 and $55.

Crema Da Notte

The Crema Da Notte has been designed to hydrate aging skin. As per the claims made, it is intended for nighttime uses because the body tends to go into repair-mode during one’s sleep. In addition to the use of CBD, consumers can also expect a combination of peptide complex, bioactive phospholipids and a yeast extract complex – all of which contribute towards firm, and tightened skin, while increasing the skin’s elasticity. The current going price is approximately $55.

Amore Passionate

Remarkably, Bella is also one of the fewest brands that exist today to bring sexual wellness products. More specifically, the Amore Passionate is a personal lubricant that has been deemed effective in spicing things up in one’s sex life. Consumers can either choose between 2.5 ounces or 6 ounces, which cost $12 and $24 respectively.

Are Bella Essentials Reasonably Priced?

Based on what’s being offered, Bella essentials are definitely reasonably priced, in fact, many consumers might find them quite inexpensive. The reason for this is because of the different quantities currently available. Most brands stick to a size of 3 ounces with varying strengths – making it appear quite expensive. However, most Bella essentials are made at different quantities and varying strengths – allowing consumers of all budgets to give it a go.

Bella Final Thoughts

Overall, the thought process behind Bella is touching and is commonly witnessed within the CBD market – as it’s the motivation to help a loved one that seems to make a brand of utmost quality and effectiveness. As for Bella’s reliability, it is a brand belonging to the parent company, Altitude Products.

Altitude Products is led by Whitley herself, who has been known as the one of the “Top 100 Cannabis Leaders in the Medical Category” by Green Entrepreneur for bringing quality products to both people and pets. In addition, the company has since achieved the title, “Most Innovative Company of 2018,” which is clearly reflected in Bella, serving as one of eleven brands under Altitude Products.

What makes Bella of value – besides the thought process and use of CBD – is the team behind it. Based on the claims made, Bella is the only 100% women-led company to exist, signifying that it gives them more of a reason to stand out and to prove to those who have since questioned their abilities.

Finally, their approach towards pricing allows the broader population to reap the benefits of CBD, which also adds to Bella’s thoughtfulness. To learn more about Bella and Altitude Products, check out:

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