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7 Easy Ways to Mask the Taste of CBD Oil

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7 Easy Ways to Mask the Taste of CBD Oil
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Although most CBD oil users could go on for hours talking about its many benefits, few will be so enthusiastic about its taste.

CBD oil is made by mixing cannabidiol extracted from the hemp plant with inert oil. Besides cannabinoids, this process also leaves a range of terpenes in the mix which, although they smell good and are very healthy, don't always have the best taste.

The good news is that this can be easily solved with the help of a few simple tricks. Just make sure to follow the techniques below and you'll stop dreading and start looking forward towards your next CBD dose!

1. Breathe Through your Nose

Shifting the direction from which the air enters your body away from the taste buds in your mouth and into your nose is a simple but effective trick to experience less taste. Granted, this technique won't eliminate CBD oil's taste completely, but it may be all you need to cope. If you find this technique doesn't cut it out for you, try holding your nose to block the taste completely.

2. Use empty capsules

Unless you're in a hurry to feel the effects, using empty capsules is probably your best bet as it will allow you to take your CBD oil dose without tasting it. All you need to do is buy a few of these at the pharmacy, place some drops of CBD oil in it, and swallow it down like any other pill. It may take longer to work but it will leave your taste buds unmolested and free to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks.

3. Brush your teeth before taking CBD oil

The strong flavor of toothpaste can last hours even after eating a meal. So, if you're looking for the perfect ally, try brushing your teeth before you take your CBD dose. It doesn't matter what hour of the day it is, the toothpaste's fresh, minty flavor is a guaranteed success which will easily dominate over CBD oil's earthy taste.

4. Put a few drops of honey along with your CBD oil

The sweet, intense flavor of honey is all you need to get the taste of hemp out of your mouth. To sweeten your CBD doses, just put a few drops of honey under your tongue. You can use as much honey as you like, but it's better if you put it before adding the oil to avoid giving it any chance to interact with your taste buds. Now watch as your mouth waters whenever it's time to take your next CBD oil dose!

5. Have your favorite sweet snacks at hand

Although taking CBD oil sublingually is the fastest and most efficient method to absorb it, it's not the only one. Adding CBD oil to your favorite snacks is a method which guarantees to please your taste buds while still allowing you to absorb all the benefits of CBD into your body — although at a slower pace.

Fatty snacks like chocolate or milk both taste good and will mix properly with CBD. Alternatively, you could just eat your favorite candies or sweets right after taking your CBD dose as these won't reduce its' potency of efficiency.

6. Drink a cup of tea

Modern tea brands often design their products' aroma and flavor to complement those of the cannabis plant. If you're taking CBD oil to enjoy its soothing effects, mixing it with tea will take you one step beyond anything you've ever experienced. Just take a sip from your cup and enjoy as these two herbal products create a uniquely relaxing experience which will fade your troubles away.

7. Try using CBD isolates

If you're really picky about the taste and don't mind doing without some of CBD's most useful partners — which includes compounds like CBG, CBDa, or terpenes — then a CBD isolate might be the answer to your prayers. Unlike normal CBD oil, isolates contain only the pure CBD compound itself and none of the other healthy compounds found in the hemp plant, which makes its taste lack the earthy flavor found on the whole plant extract.

CBD oil is an easy-to-use natural remedy which comes with many benefits. However, if you find yourself making faces when taking your dose, you might want to try these useful tricks to keep its flavor out of your taste buds for good.


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