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Vibe CBD Oil Launches a New Pure Hemp Cannabidiol Tincture

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Vibe CBD Oil Launches a New Pure Hemp Cannabidiol Tincture
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A new pure hemp oil tincture by the name of Vibe CBD was recently released and has been circulating on the internet, but is it safe?

The CBD industry has welcomed new entrants to the market ever since its uses have been found to improve a number of health areas. Some brands excelled industry standards while others have since fallen off the face of the earth. Given the growing numbers of supplements, the purpose of this review is to introduce Vibe CBD. By the end, consumers should have a sense of whether or not Vibe CBD is worthwhile and is suitable for individual needs.

What is Vibe CBD?

Vibe CBD is a supplement that combines CBD and emu to potentially fight inflammation, pain and dry skin. Infused in an oil-based solution, the duo is believed to house anti-inflammatory properties that not only resolve pain-related concerns but also improve absorption levels and the skin’s hydration levels. The Vibe CBD pure hemp oil product has 500 mg of cannabidiol per bottle and says it has zero THC.

What claims have been associated with Vibe CBD?

First, Vibe CBD is believed to contain ingredients of highest quality, which are deemed safe for all consumers. Second, it is reasoned as treating any possible pain, whether it be sports-related, or pain associated with aging. Finally, it contains 500mg of CBD per 30ml, which on average comes out to about 1.67mg per ml.

Vibe CBD Oil Free Trial

Thankfully, to buy VIBE CBD oil users do not have to opt for a free trial sample offer. Vibe CBD comes in 3 options to order:

A single bottle comes with an expensive price tag at $67.99 each, or 3 bottles for $45.33 each ($135.99 total) or a 5 bottle package at $39.99 each ($199.95 total). Also, interestingly enough, the official Vibe CBD website only lists a My Vibe CBD muscle and joint pain relief cream (that also contains EMU oil). The topical Vibe CBD relief cream is sold for $39.95 each and offered in 3 and 5 jars too.

Vibe CBD oil contact information is provided via phone or email:

  • 1-800-619-7067

The official website says the company name is REMQ Holdings and is based in Doral, Florida. All products have a 30 day money back guarantee on all unused Vibe CBD oils.

Vibe CBD Final Thoughts

Overall, Vibe CBD appears to satisfy some of the typical requirements of CBD-related supplements. For instance, emu oil has been deemed an effective carrier for CBD oil because it tends to treat the inflammation through the skin. In addition, it is believed to be phospholipids-free, meaning it can travel through multiple skin layers. That said, more studies are required to understand their relationship, so there's a possibility more studies need to be conducted.

Additionally, Vibe CBD has yet to offer certificates indicating the quality of ingredients as well as the accuracy behind the concentration presented. Lastly, Vibe CBD is said to contain 0% THC, however, the aforementioned statement was contradicted with another, down at the very end of the websites home page, that claims it contains LESS than 0 to 0.3% and you should take it upon yourself to find the state by state laws for where you live.  While positive intentions are present, consumers should further research Vibe CBD to ensure one’s health is optimized.

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