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VeloSport wellness products are designed by a group of athletes to cater for the needs of other athletes. They use holistic CBD technology which ensures that their products contain no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but only the healing cannabidiol (CBD). This has led to the approval of their products by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). VeloSport wellness offers world-class athletic products and this does not come as a surprise since it is created by VeloSport Imports, a renown cycling distributor that distributes world-class bicycles and their components. The company produces products which take care of the wellness of athletes, but are they worth buying? Read on and find out!

VeloSport Performance CBD Products

VeloSport’s mission is to provide the highest quality products which are completely pure and contain no additives to ensure that you get value for your money. They are tested to ensure safety, purity, and effectiveness.

CBD Gel Capsules

The VeloSport CBD soft gel capsules provide a convenient and easy way to get your CBD dosage. They are designed to offer a controlled dosage of high-quality CDB and can be consumed on the go. They get into the bloodstream fast without inhaling them which makes them very discreet. The CBD contained in these capsules can be used to relieve chronic pain, alleviate anxiety disorders, prevent stress and maintain heart health. The 1500mg CBD capsules are easy to ingest and they have been approved by world anti-doping agency (WADA). These high-value CBD capsules are sold at $80 and it consists of 30 capsules.

CBD Lemon Tincture

This sublingual tincture comes with a natural lemon flavor, which makes it pleasant to consume. These tinctures have no THC and they are approved by WADA. They are smooth and quick absorbing and they work optimally by placing them under the tongue. Made mainly for those who need a stronger dosage, they can be used to reduce anxiety and depression, reduce cancer-related symptoms, improve heart health and reduce pain. They contain no additives which makes them very pure and safe to use. The CBD isolate tincture, 600mg is sold at $45 and it can be used as a dietary supplement.

Berry Flavored CBD Tincture

Laced with the sweet flavor of the Berry fruit, CBD Berry Tincture is quick absorbing and easy to consume. To consume it, you simply place it behind the tongue and wait for the most desired effects. It is used to decrease mental, physical and emotional strain experienced on a daily living. They work best to calm out anxiety and reduce depression. These tinctures are WADA approved making them quite safe for athletes and other groups wary of doping. Sold at $45, this 30ml 1 Fl oz tincture can also be used as dietary supplement.

CBD-Infused Hydration Tablets

These tablets are some of the first ones in the industry. They have a mixture of CBD, vitamins C, which is a major immune booster, B6, used for proper brain development and B12, which helps prevent anemia, making them one of a kind. You no longer need to worry about sweating anymore. VeloSport CBD Hydration Tablets contain Sodium, which helps keep body fluids at a normal balance, Magnesium, which keeps muscle function and normal nerve and Potassium which regulates body fluids balance, to help your body replenished and hydrated after a day’s hard work. Each serving contains 20mg of CBD which gives traditional hydration a new meaning. Available in lemon-lime flavor and berry flavor, its taste is unbelievably unbeatable! Each pack is 100mg and it is sold at $30. The seller is also giving a 15% discount for order above $25.

CBD Warming Balm

This balm is used on sore muscles and works delicately on your sore muscles to relieve the soreness and inflammation while taking care of your skin. VeloSport sore muscle warming balm contains camphor, cinnamon leaf, and peppermint oils to help in increasing blood supply in the affected areas. Muscle and joint pain are a thing of the past now with lavender, juniper berry, and rosemary oils incorporated into this balm. The cocoa butter used to make this balm contains lemongrass and grapeseed oils which have high anti-inflammatory properties. This balm is sold at about $20.

CBD Roll-on Gel

The VeloSport CBD Roll-on Gel relieves muscle pain by alleviating muscle soreness using an innovative technique. It is made of a mixture of anti-inflammatory ingredients for instant joint and muscle pain relief. Its roll-on application system makes the application easy, touching every area that needs attention. VeloSport Roll-On Warming Gel is a holistic gel which is blended with black pepper, fennel, Ravensara oils, honeysuckle blend cypress, and cinnamon to calm and comfort all the body senses. This roll-on Gel is sold at $30 and the seller is also giving a discount of 15% for orders of $25 and more.

VeloSport Conclusion

VeloSport Performance CBD products are some of the highly sought-after products in the market. due to their high-quality and purity, they have been approved by WADA which makes them safe to use even by athletes. They use the finest natural ingredients to make sure that there are no side effects to the consumers.

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